Fighting to Win

Fighting to Win

The Elite #1

Nicole Flockton

Fighting to Win by Nicole Flockton

Reviewed by Helen

This was a great story a second chance at love for two Olympians who had been spilt by a scandal but now they are competing in the Rio Olympic games and that very sensual spark is still there can they work things out and go for gold at the same time?

Julia Ashland is a diver and she is champion at the moment but that is something that Julia worked really hard for when a scandal just about robbed her of even competing again and this also made her breakup with the love of her life, gold medal winning swimmer Mitch Osborn their breakup was hard on both of them but now they are back at Rio and Julia is so drawn to Mitch and with friends seeing that the love is still there can they overcome the hurt and let their love shine through.

Mitch was so determined to stand by Julia when the scandal hit but she had other ideas and ended their relationship by dating someone else none other than one of Mitch's team mates. Mitch was so hurt but he put Julia to the back of his mind and threw everything he had into getting to the Olympics and now here he runs into Julia and memories of them together resurface he is determined to talk to her but talking leads to much more.

I loved this story a quick read that is very sensual and with the excitement of the games and the heart stopping races and dives going for gold, but these two people never stopped loving each other and that shows with their first meeting. The characters come to life on the pages and getting to know the other people in the story I am looking forward to their stories. I highly recommend this one sit back and enjoy you will be smiling and cheering them on in more ways than just their relationship they were meant to be together.

4/5 stars for and exciting and sensual quick read
Published August 10th 2016