NO LIMITS by Katherine Garbera

Review by Amanda

In life we all have choices to make. But most if not all times we settle for choices which give us the most pride, satisfaction and joy. It is the same for Jason ‘Ace’ McCoy. He must choose what he wants to do with his life. Should he chose love or follow his dreams? Ace had had a tough and lonely childhood. If it hadn’t been for Mick Tanner his life would have been different. Now an astronaut, Ace is on leave when he discovers he has inherited half of the failing Tanner ranch from Mick whilst the other half belonged to Molly Tanner. From an orphan to a man who has seen the world from outer space, Ace must now make the choice of his life. The Molly he meets at the ranch isn’t the Molly he once knew. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman and she still wants Ace even after so many years. Molly’s honesty eats away at Ace’s heart and her strength only makes him yearn for her. And though he wants to escape their attraction he instead finds himself drawn to her. The tug-o-war of emotions as both their wills are tested and tried makes them stronger, draws them closer. Katherine Garbera toys with the emotions of Molly and Ace, giving them plenty reasons why they should walk away from each other yet at the same time getting inside their heads with every reason why they should work through their differences. Overall, an emotionally engaging story that explores the concept of: choice.

4.5 Stars