Indebted to Moreno by Kate Walker

Indebted to Moreno

Kate Walker

Indebted to Moreno by Kate Walker

Reviewed by Helen

This one kept me turning the pages first loves are never forgotten and what romances are about, a beautifully written story that will bring two people who have been through so much back together for a beautiful HEA.
Rose Cavalliero is a dress designer and she has worked hard to get there she has had a lot of ups and downs in her life and some only recently so she is looking forward to the appointment with a wealthy Spaniard Nairo Moreno with the hope of designing a wedding dress for his sister but Rose is stunned when this man turns out to be the one person that she gave everything to a long time ago and has never forgotten.
Nairo has had a tough life when he was younger but has turned his life around with hard work and now will do anything for his sister even if that means returning to England to hire the designer she requests for her wedding dress. England holds a lot of memories for Nairo some good some not so good but there was one person that he has never forgotten and now he will do what he has to, to bring her to Spain with him to design the special dress.
This is a story that is heart-warming emotional and very sensual as Rose and Nairo or Red and Jett come to terms with their pasts, open up to each other about misunderstandings that had happened and then fall back in love. I love lovers reunited stories and this is one that I highly recommend MS Walker has bought all of the characters to life on the pages sit back and enjoy you will not want to put this one down yes I was smiling and sighing.
5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: September 20th 2016 by Harlequin
Reviewed by Nas Dean

INDEBTED TO MORENO by author Kate Walker is October 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Rose Cavalliero had acted rashly and without much thinking when she betrayed her lover Jett to the cops. Now years later, she faces a tall dark and dangerous Jett in the shape of business tycoon Nairo Moreno and then realizes what she had done. But at the time she was so sure that Jett was guilty. Yet now she knows she was scared of the situation and of everything around her. Could she hope for forgiveness from Nairo?

Nairo had never forgotten his Red as he called Rose back then. Meeting her years later as a sophisticated and savvy business lady, could he forget the past and focus on the chemistry still scorching between them? Or would he take his revenge now?

INDEBTED TO MORENO is a heart-touching tale about second chances and past regrets. Author Kate Walker brought this emotionally tortured and betrayed hero Nairo, whom readers would love. And a very strong heroine in Rose who takes the challenges life throws at her and still manages to move on.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.