Husband Rollover

Husband Rollover

Husband Series #4

Louise Cusack

Husband Rollover by Louise Cusack

Reviewed by Helen

This is the fourth book in this series about four best friends who would do anything for each other they grew up in a small country town and Jill Angela and Louella have had their HEA (beautifully if I may say so) and now we come to Fritha's story and for me Fritha is the wilder one of the four and she has her reasons for being the way she is I mean her life has been a Men are Bastards party and there is one man that will help her get over this and he is about to enter her teahouse on the coast sit back for a wild steamy romp that will have you fanning yourself and never thinking of pancakes and strawberries the same again but smiling you will be.

British restaurant critic Max Banks is about to turn wild child Fritha Wynde's life upside down when he walks into the teahouse she manages for best friend Jill the electricity that sparks between them could light up the town and there are vibes flowing freely with the banchee tea that Fritha loves to brew but is Max the right person for Fritha? He is so British and very determined but after one night together they are lost in such an up and down way that will have you turning the pages.

I really did enjoy this story lots of emotions flowing off the pages and I loved seeing them open up and show that love to each other, I do highly recommend this one but be warned it really is hot and steamy but thoroughly riveting sit back and enjoy, of course it was fab catching up with the other girls as well.

4/5 stars for a great story