Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee by Melanie Milburne

review by TashNz
4 stars

Fate had a hand in placing Violet and Cameron in the same coffee shop, after chatting they learn they both have events they have to go but don't want to for various reasons.  Cameron is her brother's childhood best friend and Violet feels safe in his company, but things get out of control for other reasons I can't share without giving away the story and next thing Cameron has a convenient fiancee.

A lovely story which is reminiscent of the Heartwarming category.  I like how the two have always been friends and I like how their relationship bloomed.  There was drama in among it all and lots going on that kept my attention.

Highly recommended for book lovers who dont always want to read about angst and revenge and just want a lovely book to settle down with to take some time out!

Well enjoyed!

Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee

Melanie Milburne

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Reviewed by Helen

MS Milburne has a way with words that will draw the reader into a world of love happiness and of course some ups and downs along the way and this one is fabulous.

Violet Drummond is Scottish and comes from such a loving family her siblings are happily married and her parents still so much in love but sadly Violet is still single and she would love nothing more than to find the one, the one man that will melt her heart and give her what she has always wanted and maybe that person has been there for a long time and now things may change when family friend Cameron steps up to escort her to her office Christmas party.

Cameron McKinnon has come from a family that is hopeless with commitment and showing love so he has decided that staying single will be for him he is a very talented yacht designer and spends a lot of his time with his best friend's family the Drummonds but when he meets Violet in a coffee shop and after chatting suddenly offers to help her out with a date if she in turn helps him things are about to change in such a good way.

This is a beautifully written story about friends to lovers who step up to help each other and then end up engaged temporarily the spark between them grows till neither can deny it anymore but of course the road to a HEA has its ups and downs and I loved the banter between Violet and Cameron and the caring that both showed for each other and the family members. Truly this is such a great story sensual and moving and of course the setting is awesome Christmas Scotland and London do yourself a favour pick this one up and make yourself comfortable because you won't want to put it down.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published October 18th 2016 by Harlequin