Christmas with the Single Dad

Christmas with the Single Dad

Louisa Heaton

Christmas with the Single Dad by Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Helen

This is an emotional and moving story one that will keep the reader engaged from the first page it is so beautifully written and crosses all of the boxes for an amazing story but make sure you have the tissues at the ready.

Sydney Harper is the local vet in the village of Silverdale she has lived here all of her life but has been through such a heart breaking experience one that no one ever wants to go through and for her Christmas time has not been good for the past few years, but maybe that is about to change with the new doctor in the village.

Dr Nathan Jones is a single Dad with a medical condition he has moved to the village of Silverdale to give his daughter Anna a god life and start work in the local practice and one of his first patients is the lovely vet Sydney and there is an instant attraction but Nathan is wary of getting close to someone he has Anna to think of but he does know he needs to help Sydney where will this lead?

Truly I cannot recommend this story enough MS Heaton has written a story that will stay with me for a long time to come, to see Nathan Sydney and Anna become close through some ups and downs and to see the love shining through the sadness will bring joy to these deserving people and to the reader the ending is fabulous and will get you teary and then smiling sit back and enjoy.

5/5 stars for beautiful story

Published November 22nd 2016 by Harlequin