A Child Claimed by Gold by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Nas Dean

A CHILD CLAIMED BY GOLD by author Rachael Thomas is a January 2017 release by Harlequin Present series.

Nikolai Cunningham wanted his family secret to be kept exactly that…a secret. So he had to stop photographer Emma Sanders from delving too deep when she was invited by his grandmother for an interview.

He had a plan…seduce her and keep her distracted. And his plan worked beautifully. Only it had a consequence. What would he do now?

A CHILD CLAIMED BY GOLD starts off in Russia. The descriptions are so realistic, that it made me yearn to visit Russia. It’s an emotional roller-coaster of a story. Author Rachael Thomas, in her heart-warming style of story-telling would keep a reader’s interest riveted to the story till the ending.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


A Child Claimed by Gold

Rachael Thomas

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Reviewed by Helen

Loved this one I have had a wonderful journey to Russia and of course to a beautiful HEA between a hero and heroine who deserved this happiness and joy so much after the things they had been through in their childhood I loved seeing them find true love.

Emma Sanders has lived a life in foster care rejected by her father and caring for her younger sister she is now a photographer and has been given an assignment to photograph and do a story on a Russian family but when she meets the son of this family Nikolai Cunningham besides the sparks that fly between them there seems to be things that he does not want uncovered.

Nikolai Cunningham left Russia with his mother at the age of ten has made a name for himself in business has been through a broken engagement and is determined that the family secret will not be uncovered by this photographer but he is not prepared for the electricity that sparks between them and then the consequences that are left after their night of unbridled passion but he is determined also to prove he is nothing like his father.

WOW what an up and down journey this story is so many emotions it is moving and just so very good I loved Emma and her strength and Nikolai well he is really such a caring hero even if he has a hard time showing it at time he really has a lot that he needs to come to terms with but you know true love wins out all of the time and I was smiling and sighing throughout this one. I highly recommend this fast paced story it has everything a true romance needs lovely. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

 Published December 20th 2016 by Harlequin