Alejandro's Sexy Secret by Amy Ruttan

Alejandro's Sexy Secret

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Amy Ruttan

Alejandro's Sexy Secret by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

WOW this is such a beautiful story, a story of hope and true love with a beautiful setting and fabulous characters, when Alejandro is given another chance at life as a young boy he puts everything into life caring and doing the best he can and part of that is becoming a paediatric transplant Doctor but marriage and love is not for him he has a few reservations about that but takes on exotic dancing to help pay his school fees and meets someone that may years later change his mind.

Kiri Bhardwaj has a weekend in Vegas for a hens night and yes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but that one night with her exotic dancer leaves her with memories that she will never forget so when she arrives in Miami to take over her new role as head of paediatrics in the hospital years later she never expects to meet the one person that she will never forget.

This is a story that is moving and so vey emotional beautifully written with a hero and heroine that deserve each other and happiness so much truly there will be tears and smiles and sighs as we journey to a HEA that brings joy to so many people and I am very much looking forward to more in this series that centre around Alejandro's sexy brothers. MS Ruttan you have done it again written another keeper thank you.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: December 20th 2016 by Harlequin


Reviewed by Nas

ALEJANDRO’S SEXY SECRET by author Amy Ruttan is a January 2017 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Kiri Bhardwaj came upon Dr. Alejandro Valentino in the locker room without his scrub top. She instantly remembered her one-night passionate encounter five years ago and the aftermath of it. That one night had consequences and she had never forgotten or forgiven Alejandro for it.

But was she right to blame him for it? Could she ever forget what had happened and move forward by forgiving him?

What would Alejandro do? He needed her now to do a transplant surgery on another baby. Could she be responsible for another baby’s life?

ALEJANDRO’S SEXY SECRET is a romance filled with emotions and drama. Author Amy Ruttan did a wonderful job of bringing Kiri and Alejandro together despite all the emotional baggage and past grief they carried.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.