Claiming His Christmas Consequence by Michelle Smart

29502866Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

Another wonderful, wonderful, wonderful tale told by Michelle Smart which features all the elements I love of a HP... an un-likeable but you want to like hero, a heroine who has just had enough of what everyone wants her to be and takes a chance, an evil character somewhere trying to derail everyone, angst, passion and shattered dreams which make me emotional and woven together so awesomely that each page is flicked thru as quickly as possible because I cant wait to see how it all works out.

Catalina was jilted back in "Helio Crowns His Mistress" and it's really good to see what's become of Catalina and I love behind the scenes so to speak. Hard to go into detail without spoilers.

I adore Michelle Smart's words becasue she creates a world so different to mine and yet I feel like i'm right there. I love how intense and emotional the story was and I was sorry to reach the end, no matter how much I loved the epilogue!