Under Shadow of Doubt

Under Shadow of Doubt

Under the Law #1

Juanita Kees

Under Shadow Of Doubt by Juanita Kees

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fast paced action filled story that is also very sensual and emotional I ploughed through this one with its fabulous story line of lost love, kidnapping and the underworld my recommendation is sit back with a drink and enjoy.

Peta Johnson is a singing sensation from the small Western Australian town of Williams but after her first and true love left her nine years ago without a word Peta moved onto a new life with a husband and her daughter but when that husband turns out to be such a monster Peta needs to return home to do what she can to save her daughter Bella. But then her life does a big about turn when Jaime Caruso is also in town the man she has never stopped loving and that spark is still there but will a secret bring them closer or push them apart?

Jaime moved on nine years earlier due to pressure from family he took off and joined the army did his tours of Afghanistan but always kept in touch with his best friend Peta’s brother Detective Sargent Mark Johnson and was always told Peta was happily married so when he meets her again he is stunned to find out what has gone on with her and when he finds out about Bella, Jaime is determined that things are going to change because he has never forgotten Peta.

This is a beautiful and edge of your seat story Peta and Jaime had both been young years before but now is the time for second chance love the secrets are out the family involvement is out and life could not be looking any better for these two people it is now time to start anew with their family. It was great seeing Paul Peta’s ex get is just deserts but this will definitely see another story bring on Mark’s story. Thank you MS Kees for a fabulous story and I look forward to more in this series I loved this one.

5/5 stars for an action packed sensual story
Published February 25th 2017 by Escape Publishing