His Pregnant Royal Bride by Amy Ruttan (Royal Spring Babies)

Review by Adel | 5 Stars

I loved His Pregnant Royal Bride by Amy Ruttan. Nurse Shay Labadie and Dr. Dante Affini share one passionate night together. Now four months later, Shay takes a job at Dante’s hospital in Italy to tell him the happy news. Little did she know that he is going to expect her to marry him, not to mention he is Italian royalty! 

This is a great story, the characters have real chemistry, and they are both well rounded and have emotional depth. The story flowed beautifully and I highly recommend it to any romance lover.

Review by TashNz | 4 Stars

A wonderful one night stand leads to Shay beoming pregnant. Taking up a post in Venice where the baby's father is a surgeon, Shay informs Dante of the consequences of their unforgettable night. Having no clue who Dante really is or how their baby can save his heritage, Shay agrees to a marriage of convenience.

I really liked the location of the story and the medical drama's including Shay's. I liked the history of Shay and Dante's backgrounds and I really liked learning about who Shay works for and I loved the low build to the path of love.

A wonderful solid and heartwarming tale which is part one and Dante's brother and Shay's friend who are part two looks just as captivating. This is a medical romance with a touch more!

Review by Lynn | 4 Stars

One night turns into a lifetime! I had a hard time liking Dante even though I could understand what led him to be standoffish. I would have liked a little more of the guy that she met at the conference that would have led to more warmth and connection between them, but I did enjoy the story and following them on their journey.

Nurse Shay Labadie was only expecting one night of fun with Doctor Dante Affini on the last day of the conference they both attended, but a few months later, she realized she was pregnant. When she heads to Italy to tell him, she's not expecting anything from him ... least of all a marriage proposal!

Dante shocks her with his news that he's a Prince and that he wants her to marry him so he can take care of her and the baby. She's not big on trusting the happily ever after, but she's willing to try for their baby's sake.

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"His Pregnant Royal Bride" by Amy Ruttan was one of those books that once I picked it up I didn't want to put down. Nurse Shay Labadie wanted one night of passion with Doctor Dante Affini on the last day of the conference they both attended with no strings attached, but a few months later she found out she there was a lasting impression from their lovemaking. Finding herself pregnant she heads to Italy to tell Dante the news and doesn't expect anything in return. To her surprise he proposes.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Shay Labadie decides it can't hurt to have a night of fun with Doctor Dante Affini its the last day of the conference they are attending and she probably won't see him again.  Best laid plans don't always work out like you figure and she finds out she is pregnant.  Knowing she must tell him she heads to Italy not wanting anything except to tell him about the baby.  Surprise he asks her to marry him and also lets her know he is a prince.  She has big trust issues but for the love of her unborn child she will try.  Ms. Ruttan keeps you involved in this story to see how these two will find their HEA and she always delivers. 

Review by Nas

HIS PREGNANTROYAL BRIDE by author Amy Ruttan is a March 2017 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Nurse Shay Labadie had one passionate night with Dr. Dante Affini, yet it had consequences. Now she was pregnant and in Italy to let Dante know.
But what she herself didn’t know was that Dante was also a prince and there were paparazzi after him all the time.

Dante’s way of saving Shay from the tabloids was for them to get married. Would Shay agree to a marriage of convenience? She wanted a man to love her for herself not for the baby she carried. Could this marriage turn out to be her happy-ever-after?

HIS PREGNANTROYAL BRIDE is set in Venice. I felt as I was there with Dante and Shay. I was hooked in the story as a reader until the very last page. This story had all the drama of a medical romance and a royal romance.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance. 

Review by Helen  |5 Stars

MS Ruttan has delivered another story that is emotional and so very moving this one brings two very caring and beautiful people from two totally different backgrounds together in a sensual and uplifting journey to a beautiful HEA in the most gorgeous of settings Venice, sit back and enjoy this one.

Nurse Practitioner Shay Labadie comes from New Orleans and hurricane Katrina changed her life, she now works hard travelling the world helping out where she is needed for United World Wide Health Association she has no intention of marrying but when a one night stand leaves her pregnant she needs to find the father and let him know. This brings her to Venice and back in contact with the gorgeous Dr Dante Affini and her well- ordered hard working life is about to change.

Dante is a caring trauma Doctor he has a few problems relating to family that need to be taken care of when fate steps in to help and the gorgeous one night stand Shay he had months ago arrives to work with him and drops a bombshell on him. His practical thinking steps in and he is determined to marry Shay and give their child a father and mother, it will of course be a marriage of convenience or will it that spark they created months before is not gone.

I was in tears towards the end with this one it is so emotional but I ended up smiling big time as Dante realizes his love for Shay when disaster strikes and this little family starts fresh. Thank you MS Ruttan for a beautiful story in such a beautiful setting another one for the keeper shelf I do highly recommend this one.