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His Mistress with Two Secrets by Dani Collins (The Sauveterre Siblings #2)

Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

Henri is the Sauveterre hero in this book and while they can be read as stand-alones I highly recommend reading #1 to get the full experience of the feels this book delivers.

Henri and Cinnia have an wonderful long term arrangement going on, or so Henri thinks until Cinnia all but disappears in Book 1. Book 2 picks up in the BEST way, of which I wont share here to spoil the surprise but the set up for another sibling's book is brilliant! Henri finds out about the two secrets and a wonderfully intense, humorous and engaging story ensues.

I adore these two stories because I love how books link. For example in Book 1 Cinnia posts all her jewellery back to Henri, it's mentioned via other means, but in Book 2 you learn more about the jewellery being returned and what each piece meant to Henri when he gave it to Cinnia. I must say too that this part was very emotional. 

I love how Dani tries to make her stories as unique as possible so I really appreciated what happened to Cinnia medically and thought it was a great way to create tension and drama.

Well loved, well enjoyed and well looking forward to #3!

Review by Adel | 5 Stars
His Mistress with Two Secrets by Dani Collins is the second book in the Sauveterre Siblings quartet and this is Henri’s story. I absolutely adore Dani Collins writing style, it is such an effortless read and she makes me fall in love with the characters.

Since his sister’s childhood kidnapping and his father’s passing away, Henri has taken over as the protector of the Sauveterre family. Not an easy task by any means, he’s seen what can happen when he is not vigilant! When he met Cinnia he told her upfront that he will never marry her and for two years he was perfectly happy with the status quo, until Cinnia abruptly ended the relationship. When Henri discovers Cinnia is pregnant he immediately demands that she marry him. Fatherhood was not in his plans but he will do anything to protect his growing family.

This is a must read for any romance lover!

Review by Lynn | 4.5 Stars

A really nice continuation of The Sauveterre Siblings! I didn't fall quite as deep into Henri's story as I did with Angelique's in the first book, but close. I really enjoy the family dynamics of this group of siblings and especially how close their lives have made them. We saw a hint of trouble in paradise with Henri & Cinnia in the first book and now we get to know exactly what has happened and what the future holds for them. Looking forward to the upcoming books in the quartet!

Cinnia Whitley is a headstrong, independent woman who wants it known to all that she doesn't need a man to complete her, and she deals with her business and personal decisions on her own. She reluctantly agreed to a fling with Henri Saveterre even though he made it clear from the beginning that it had no future. When she finds herself pregnant ... with twins! ... she decides to remove herself from the relationship before she has to blow his world apart by adding more responsibility that he very clearly doesn't want.

Henri is not happy at all when he finds out from another source that Cinnia is pregnant, and he especially doesn't like that she played a bit of a mind game with him as she left the relationship without telling him. Considering his family history of danger to his loved ones, he insists she move in with him right away so he can make sure she and the babies are protected. This was exactly what Cinnia didn't want ... to be more of a burden ... if only he could really love her

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

His Mistress with Two Secrets (The Sauveterre Siblings #2) by Dani Collins is a wonderful, quick read. Henri doesn't ever want to marry or have children. His relationship with Cinna results not only in their breakup but also ends up in her being pregnant with not one but two babies.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

In The second book in " The Sauveterre Siblings" Ms. Collins gives us the story of Henri and Cinnia.  Henri doesn't want to get married or have children ever, especially all the security that is in place in his life because of the kidnapping of his sister years before.  He doesn't want to be constantly concerned for their safety so when after years together his live in asks if he loves her he doesn't answer.  Cinnia knows she loves Henri but will never receive love in return so she leaves him despite loving him so.  So figure that's its for them, not when Ms. Collins writes her book instead he finds out that she is pregnant and pregnant with twins.  The best laid plans that he had no longer can be so he goes to her and offers marriage.  Cinnia won't marry him or have sex with him will just move in with him for the babies protection.  What a fantastic second book and like the first I had a hard time writing a review without giving away the amazing story that needs to be read to truly appreciate the talent of the author.  I can't wait for books 3 and 4 in this incredible series.  A must read for every romance reader.

Review by Michelle | 5 Stars

Dani Collins does it again. One great book after another! This one is no exception! In this book, we meet the Sauveterre siblings (this is book 2 but I read it first). They are rich, aristocratic, and constantly stalked by the paparazzi. After Henri’s sister gets kidnapped, he makes a vow to never love or marry. He believes that this will not only protect his heart but eliminate further risk to his family. His plan seems sound until he meets Cinnia. She is fiercely independent and does not want to be taken care of by any man. This suits him as he can keep her as his mistress without changing his plans. However, she finally decides that she wants more from Henri. She asks him if he loves her and he refuses to show her any emotion or sign that he cares for her. She plays his bluff and walks away taking with her two secrets. It’s not until Henri discovers her secret that he pursues her again. Can he break his own vow and find happiness with Cinnia?

This is a fantastic book with intense passion between the characters and an entertaining storyline! I especially loved the glimpse into the future in the epilogue. I hope to see more of the Sauveterre family in future books!