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Married to the Mom to Be by Helen Lacey ( Cedar River Cowboys #4)

Married to the Mom to Be
by Helen Lacey
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars 

A story I read word for word, not skipping a single sentence or page and one which I was so caught up in I fell asleep with it in my hand well after midnight.  

It was lovely to be back in Cedar River and I settled back to enjoy a lovely story but it wasn't just lovely, it was heart catching, dramatic, exciting and so wonderfully written I devoured every word!

Liam and Kayla are expecting a baby, we find that out in the first sentence! They are in love so all good there BUT their parents are in a family feud with each other for the past 30 years. They know this will not go down well and especially Kayla worries this will break her Daddys heart... imagine how they the parents and the small town will feel when their secret relationship can't be held secret any longer, let alone find out they are already married!

Liam's love shines through all the way and he won me over! 6 stars for me!

Review by Adel | 4 Stars

Married to the Mom-to-Be is another fantastic read by Helen Lacey. This book is the third in the Cedar River Cowboys series, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone although every book I’ve read so far is amazing so you wouldn’t want to miss out on reading the other friends’ stories.

In this book Kayla Rickard and Liam O’Sullivan is secretly married. The older Rickard’s and O’Sullivan’s are arch enemies and it will break their hearts to find out that their children got married. Then Kayla discovered she is pregnant and their time is up to come clean about their relationship. 

I really enjoyed the flow of the story, the way the characters developed and the easy writing style that Helen Lacey has. I recommend this book to any romance lover.

Review by Nas | 5 Stars

MARRIED TO THE MOM-TO-BE by author Helen Lacey is a Harlequin Special Edition series release for April 2017. 

Kayla Rickard is married and expecting Liam O’Sullivan’s baby. And Liam happens to belong to the family of her dad’s biggest enemy. How could Kayla explain to her dad that she loves Liam? 

What is the secret which made Liam’s family enemy to Kayla’s family? Would revealing that secret tear the families and Kayla and Liam apart or bring them together? Interesting and intriguing. 

Married to the-Mom-To-Be is one emotional story full of angst and tension. We know Liam loves Kayla and she knows it, yet they are forced apart by circumstances. Author Helen Lacey brought this tale to life on the pages shimmering with emotional intensity. We root for Liam and Kayla to get together and stay engrossed by this story till the end to see how and when it happens. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.