Married to the Mom to Be by Helen Lacey ( Cedar River Cowboys #4)

Married to the Mom to Be
by Helen Lacey
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars 

A story I read word for word, not skipping a single sentence or page and one which I was so caught up in I fell asleep with it in my hand well after midnight.  

It was lovely to be back in Cedar River and I settled back to enjoy a lovely story but it wasn't just lovely, it was heart catching, dramatic, exciting and so wonderfully written I devoured every word!

Liam and Kayla are expecting a baby, we find that out in the first sentence! They are in love so all good there BUT their parents are in a family feud with each other for the past 30 years. They know this will not go down well and especially Kayla worries this will break her Daddys heart... imagine how they the parents and the small town will feel when their secret relationship can't be held secret any longer, let alone find out they are already married!

Liam's love shines through all the way and he won me over! 6 stars for me!

Review by Adel | 4 Stars

Married to the Mom-to-Be is another fantastic read by Helen Lacey. This book is the third in the Cedar River Cowboys series, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone although every book I’ve read so far is amazing so you wouldn’t want to miss out on reading the other friends’ stories.

In this book Kayla Rickard and Liam O’Sullivan is secretly married. The older Rickard’s and O’Sullivan’s are arch enemies and it will break their hearts to find out that their children got married. Then Kayla discovered she is pregnant and their time is up to come clean about their relationship. 

I really enjoyed the flow of the story, the way the characters developed and the easy writing style that Helen Lacey has. I recommend this book to any romance lover.

Review by Nas | 5 Stars

MARRIED TO THE MOM-TO-BE by author Helen Lacey is a Harlequin Special Edition series release for April 2017. 

Kayla Rickard is married and expecting Liam O’Sullivan’s baby. And Liam happens to belong to the family of her dad’s biggest enemy. How could Kayla explain to her dad that she loves Liam? 

What is the secret which made Liam’s family enemy to Kayla’s family? Would revealing that secret tear the families and Kayla and Liam apart or bring them together? Interesting and intriguing. 

Married to the-Mom-To-Be is one emotional story full of angst and tension. We know Liam loves Kayla and she knows it, yet they are forced apart by circumstances. Author Helen Lacey brought this tale to life on the pages shimmering with emotional intensity. We root for Liam and Kayla to get together and stay engrossed by this story till the end to see how and when it happens. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Reviewed by Helen |5 stars

This is a fabulous story I savoured every word so much emotion and love coming from the beautifully written words. MS Lacey has penned a story that will stay with me for a long time it is set in a beautiful small town that we have gotten to know well in previous stories. This time we get hotelier Liam O’Sullivan and gorgeous Kayla Rickard’s story and we get to see what happens when love breaks down a family feud that has lasted for years.

When a car accident in the hotel car park shoots lightening sparks between Liam and Kayla well what can they do except enact on those sparks but keep their relationship a secret for the time being, Kayla is a loving only child and will not do anything to hurt her parents but when she falls head over heels for the guy she has been warned to stay away from all of her life well more than sparks are going to fly.

Liam has always been used to getting his own way as the eldest of the O’Sullivan boys he is now running the hotel and when cupid shoots her arrow and well Kayla is everything he wants in a woman, he cannot help falling in love, but their road to a HEA is a rocky one with stubborn wills getting in the way even after their secret wedding in Vegas and now with a baby on the way he needs to stand up and show that love.

Kayla and Liam’s secret is going to rock both families and the small town of Cedar River, so many emotions and hurts and headstrong people that think they know best will have you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next and how they fare. This one is sensual and very moving I did shed a few tears along the way and felt like yelling at a couple of people as well, but in the end I was smiling big time I loved this one and am very much looking forward to the next one in this series and going back to Cedar River. I do highly recommend this one.

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

A fun and easy read as Helen Lacey takes us on a journey of forbidden love, deception and finding peace. Guilt and duty are at the top of the list of what the heroine is feeling. She's difficult to like because she's not being fair to him at all, but you're still drawn to the story because he's such a nice guy that you're wanting a happy ending for. Lots of drama with well developed characters and story lines.

Kayla Rickard is in quite the predicament. Not only has she been having a fling with the son of her father's sworn enemy, but she secretly married him and they're now expecting a surprise baby! The last thing she wants to do is disappoint her parents, but it's not like this is the type of thing she can sweep under the rug.

Liam O'Sullivan wants his wife by his side. It feels empty in his house without her, but she still persists on staying at her apartment too much and refuses to tell their families about them. Now that she's pregnant, she has to see that it's way past time. He'll do anything to be able to share his life in the open with her ... even try to figure out what caused the feud that made their formerly friendly fathers begin to hate each other. When they get way more than they bargained for and huge secrets are exposed, they are left to deal with the fallout in addition to exposing their relationship

Review by Cheryl | 5 Stars

Helen Lacey always writes an awesome story with love, suspense, and makes you want to keep reading till that book is finished. So far none of her books have disappointed me. 
There has been a feud going between Rickard family and O’Sullivan family for lots of years. However, love does not listen to feuds and family being against each other.
Kayla Rickard wanted a family and be married well with the right man. She meets Liam O’Sullivan and finds him irresistible. She knows right from wrong however, the heart wants what it wants and Liam feels too she is the right one. 
Kayla & Liam eloped to Vegas and as typical “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” style they return to their homes and just meet up in secret. But when Kayla is pregnant all that must change.
Please consider reading this book and series as you will not be disappointed.

review by Alexia | 5 stars

"Married to the Mom-To-Be (The Cedar River Cowboys)" by Helen Lacey is a wonderful, quick read. Liam O'Sullivan and Kayla Rickard have one big thing stacked against them. Their families hate each other. Even though this is a really big problem the two are secretly married to each other and they're expecting a baby. Kayla is very wishy washy with her marriage and wanting to keep it a secret from her parents. Liam has been patient with her and respecting her wishes to keep their private lives separate from their families. There are things in the past that come forward, and makes sense as to way the families don't like each other.

Review by Alexandra | 4 Stars

This story is part of the Cedar River Cowboys series. Its always nice to go back to Cedar River.
Kayla and Liam fall in love despite a ongoing war between there parents. Managing to keep the romance and quickie wedding in Las Vegas a secret. Until Kayla finds out she is pregnant.
Kayla and Liam are a case of opposites attract. Liam is a black and white guy with a high moral code. While Kayla sees shades of grey. They butt heads several times trying to sort this situation out.
Can they see each others point of view and work things out? If you are a fan of small town contemporary romance then pick up a copy.

Review by Amanda | 4.5 Stars

Make sure you grab a copy of this book! Married to the Mom-to-be by Helen Lacey is pure reading delight. The characters instantly charm and captivate you. I was blown away with the drama, the romance, the secrets and the intense passion. Actually, the chemistry between Kayla and Liam is so tender and yet so hot. There were times when I laughed at the hilarity in certain scenes and at times I wanted to smack both Kayla and Liam for wanting to please other people. But their generous hearts still had love for their family and that I respect. In the end, I was impressed with the writing, the plot and the storytelling. I thought Helen Lacey did a wonderful job and can't wait to see what book she'll come up with next! 

Highly Recommended 
4.5 Stars

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Married to the mom to be ,is another great story by Helen Lacey.  A real problem exists when Kayla Rickards finds out she is pregnant by Liam O'Sullivan.  Why a problem lets list a few. First his family is on the no no list with her family as a family feud year old exists.  Second problem is Kayla wants to keep it a secret from her family that she is having Liam's baby because the final problem is she is secretly married to Liam.  The saying about a tangled web and deceit truly come to past in this story.  However their problems make it a riveting story and you will be so looking forward to see how they solve the problem.  A lovely book and a great addition to the Cedar River Cowboys series.  Ms. Lacey always leaves you with a warm feeling at the end of her books.  Enjoy its a great story.

Review by Michelle | 5 Stars

Helen Lacey creates a modern day Romeo and Juliet scenario without the characters dying. LOL. There is no doubt that Kayla and Liam are completely in love and lust with each other. Their connection is intense and their passion flares instantly. However, they both have been raised with a hatred for the other’s family. Sadly, this happened between their fathers over 30 years ago. Will they be able to sustain a relationship after they learn the truth or will it destroy their chance at a happy marriage?

I loved this book because it felt different even though it’s an age old theme. There was a lot of communication between the characters but still times when you wanted to shake them into seeing that their relationship was important too! Great read!