Sarah and the Secret Sheikh by Michelle Douglas

Sarah and the Secret Sheikh

Michelle Douglas

Sarah and the Secret Sheikh by Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Helen

I absolutely love a Sheikh story and this one blew me away and apparently it was MS Douglas’s first foray into writing Sheikhs one can hope that she writes many more because this Sheikh is to die for gorgeous, charming, caring and just the hero for a heroine who is sure she is a flake and fails at most things so I recommend that you sit back with this one and journey to Keddah Jaleel for a story that will leave you smiling.

Sarah is bright, bubbly and a beautiful person all round but when she breaks up with her boyfriend Sebastian finally, she goes to celebrate at the bar that her friend Majed runs and when that celebration turns into a very sensual night with consequences then some hard choices have to be made you see Sarah wants love something that her feuding parents never had and she wants this for her child as well as herself. But Sarah often feels like a failure and a bit of a flake at times never finishing things that she has started but she is determined to change that and speaking to her friend and the father of her child is about to start that change.

Majed has been in Australia for four years and keeps his past to himself he is pretty much a loner so when he discovers that he is going to be a father then he needs to get back to his life and think about the future and he must convince Sarah that he will keep her safe and do what is best for her and the baby and yes he would love to marry her and wants her to come to his home in Keddah Jaleel and he needs also to tell her his secret about being a Sheikh and that there will not be any love in their marriage and he has reasons for that.

I loved this one from page one it is so very sensual and sizzling the heat that arcs between Majed and Sarah and the love that shines throughout had me sighing, oh and Sarah is just so likable and loving and for someone who thinks she is a flake my goodness she shows such strength and courage she is a fabulous heroine and Majed just fantastic, the desire he shows Sarah is swoon worthy. This is a beautifully written story that ticks all of the boxes for a story that will keep readers enthralled till the end, this is such a feel good story thank you.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: September 5th 2017 by Harlequin Romance

Reviewed by Nas Dean

SARAH AND THE SECRET SHEIKH by author Michelle Douglas is a September 2017 release by Harlequin Romance series.

When Sarah discovered she was pregnant after one night with Majed, she was torn. What should she do now? But Majed wanted to marry her. Could she marry a man just because she was carrying his child? What if it didn’t work out?

Majed wanted to marry Sarah and make her his sheikha, but would Sarah agree to marry without any love or romance?

SARAH AND THE SECRET SHEIKH is a thrilling story which would take a reader from Melbourne, Australia to the exotic location of Keddah Jaleel. It would keep a reader engrossed in Sarah’s life and the changes she was facing along with the challenges of being in a new country and a new way of life. And the thrilling climax would make the adrenalin rush in you when Sarah takes down a gun carrying maniac.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.