Tempted by the Bridesmaid

Tempted by the Bridesmaid

Italian Royals

Annie O'Neil

Tempted by the Bridesmaid by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Helen

MS O’Neil never fails to make me smile with one of her stories and this one is just awesome such a gorgeous setting, the mountains in Italy the hunkiest hero Dr Luca Montovano who is a wee bit stressed at the moment and heroine Francesca Martinelli who is just the nicest most beautiful person and fabulous dog trainer and just the person Luca and his disabled and orphaned niece Pia needs to make everyone smile, this is a story that you will not want to put down.

Fran is bridesmaid for her best friend Beatrice at a huge society wedding and she feels a little out of place you see jeans t-shirts and dogs make Fran happy and when she caused the upset of all upsets at the wedding well the best man Luca is a little put off with her, they will never be friends according to Luca. Fran is just about to start a new job at a clinic in the mountains for disabled young people with the help of her assistance dogs Freda and Edison, oh but when she gets there she is in for on very big surprise.

Luca is working hard to keep the clinic going and get it finished, he is also trying to spend as much time as he can with his niece Pia he truly is stressed and the last thing he expects when the friend of Beatrice’s arrives with her assistance dogs is the bridesmaid Francesca but there is a spark between them that continues to brighten as they work together soon they are more than Doctor and staff but only during the nights but the pressure is growing.

Oh my goodness this is such a fabulous story truly Fran is one of the best heroines that I have ever “met” she is loving caring and so happy even with what she has gone through and she and her dogs (who I also Loved) are the answer to a lot of things for Luca and Pia who also have a lot to overcome and Luca is really a true hero. This book has so much happiness weaving through the pages, and there is love and caring, tears and laughter just the recipe for a great medical romance thank you MS O’Neil for a story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

5/5 stars for a magical story

Published July 8th 2017 by Harlequin