Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

Liz Fielding

Trouble in Paradise

Reviewed by Helen

This was a story with just the most beautiful setting an Island called Paradise with a very strong hero Griff who has no intention of falling for the heroine Maddy but nature has a way of taking over in the lives we live. I really enjoyed this story there are many ups and downs and tense moments as Griff and Maddy work each other out so make yourself comfortable for a great journey.

Maddy Osbourne comes across as a spoilt little rich girl, well that is the impression Hugo Griffin has of her when they first meet so when Maddy ends up being flown to her Godmother’s house on St Vincent by Griff and the plane goes down near the island of Paradise their stay is not all fun in the sun but there is a very sensual pull between them but Maddy tries hard to fight it you see she has been hurt before and has no intention of leaving herself open to that hurt again.

Griff has worked hard to get to where he is today and comes across as hard and rude at times, he is determined to teach miss high and mighty that she will need to work as hard on the island as he does until they are rescued, but along the way Griff uncovers another Maddy a Maddy that he could very well love.

I did enjoy this one Griff is a bit arrogant at times but Maddy stands up to him so well, I loved the sensual pull and tension between them the give and take as they learn about each other and when Maddy learns the truth about Griff and finds her way home then the chase is on for Griff to find her and prove his love which will have you smiling. I recommend this one to all romance readers who like a good chase and of course MS Fielding is an auto buy author for me I love her stories. This is one of MS Fielding’s older stories and I could feel that feel from the older stories which bought back lots of memories for me.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published August 7th 2017 by Classic Romance Publishing