Falling for the Brooding Italian

Falling for the Brooding Italian

Hot Italian Nights #6

Annie West

Falling for the Brooding Italian by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what a moving sizzler of a story MS West captured me from the first page with her vulnerable and brooding hero Aurelio de Laurentis he gorgeous but with a past hurt that he will not let go off he will need someone strong and caring to bring him back and make him feel again other than the wines that are so important to him he is all about work, but when he meets beautiful Australian Amber Moncrieff the sparks start to ignite. Curl up with this one you won’t want to put it down.

Amber works in PR and has a big interest in wines so when she meets wine maker Aurelio at a conference in Rome the light bulbs pop with the spark that shoots between them and they spend time together in the most sensual ways and then just like that he leaves. Amber is stunned and determined to not let him get to her in the future that is until she discovers that she is pregnant. This could cause a few problems when she starts work for him on the PR for his vineyard, the spark is still there.

Aurelio has thrown himself into his work since tragedy took someone away from him that he loved very much his family worry about him but he is so sure that he will never love again but that is before he meets Amber and the sizzle that is constant when she is around starts to bring him back to life and the news that he discovers rocks him but also finally gets him to open up.

I loved this story it is so thoroughly enjoyable a quick read with characters that are real and engaging I could feel the sparks flying off the page when Aurelio and Amber where together and Amber is such a beautiful heroine she shows strength and gives herself so lovingly to the man she loves, they make the best couple. Thank you MS West for another fabulous story one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 1st 2017