Conveniently Engaged to the Boss

Conveniently Engaged to the Boss

Ellie Darkins

Conveniently Engaged to the Boss by Ellie Darkins

Reviewed by Helen

MS Darkins has such a beautiful writing voice her stories are so very moving and this one is a beauty, two people PA Eva and son to Eva’s boss Joss Dawson who are pretty much loners for their own reasons are bought together with a fake engagement when Joss’s father announces that he is ill and Joss knows how much this will make his father happy, but could this sudden engagement open their worlds to love?

Eva has been left a couple of times during her life and although she dates she has never met anyone that she might like to take a chance on she has worked hard as PA for Edward Dawson and has always felt a pull towards his son Joss so when Edward finds them together and Joss announces that they are seeing each other this stuns Eva but also makes her heart flutter how can she act the fake fiancé when her feelings are running wild.

Joss has been through an illness, he has been divorced and has no plans to begin another relationship that is one reason he has stayed away from Eva because he has feelings for her and has no intention of hurting her. But when his father announces his illness he will do anything to make him happy even bringing himself closer to falling in love with Eva.

This is a beautiful story Eva is a strong heroine who struggles to see how couple live together but she does know that she is falling for Joss as they spend more time together and Joss is so afraid of hurting Eva that their path to a HEA has a lot of hills to climb first but when they get there the joy is so lovely. I highly recommend this story moving, emotional and such a great story wonderful characters it had me smiling.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 5th 2017 by Harlequin