The Love Experiment

The Love Experiment

Ainslie Paton

The Love Experiment by Ainslie Paton

Reviewed by Helen

This book had me turning the pages what a story it engages you from the start the banter and whit is so very entertaining there will be laughs and smiles as you get to know hero Jack Haley who is an investigative journalist with the Courier newspaper in Chicago, and new to the city journalist Derelie Honeywell who also works for the same paper although in the online department, sit back and enjoy.

Derelie was the girl from the country loved dogs comes from a fabulous family and was determined to do well she is strong and she is also never going to show her vulnerability to anyone especially the egotistical bastard Jack when they are thrown together to do a piece for the paper the love experiment 36 questions to see if a couple are compatible and it doesn’t take long for Derelie to make up her mind about the man Jack Haley is maybe not the egotistical bastard she first thought.

Jack is a loner he did not have the best family growing up he does his job with an tenacity that does not stop, he has ways of coping with anger and he loves his cat Martha and when he is told to do this love experiment Jack is not a happy man and does everything to get out of it, oh but Derelie gets under his skin and I loved seeing his emotions it is just the best, hang on to your seats as Jack shows his true colours.

I loved this story, I loved seeing Derelie stand up to Jack never giving in and to see Jack become his real self with her was an amazing journey, MS Paton nailed this story it is beautifully written it is moving and I fell for Jack big time. Derelie is such a beautiful heroine caring, strong with a fabulous sense of humour, I highly recommend this story so many emotions it is fun and fabulous. Thank you MS Paton for hours of reading enjoyment oh and I did love Martha and Ernest.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published October 2nd 2017 by Carina Press