Give Murder a Hand

Give Murder a Hand

The Westport Mysteries. Lizzie #2

Beth Prentice

Give Murder A Hand by Beth Prentice

Reviewed by Helen

WOW am I loving this series Lizzie is one fabulous heroine who just seems to have murder, mayhem and one problem after another following her since she bought this house, of course she did meet the love of her life after hiring handyman Riley to help her get the house renovated. This time bones are dug up in the back yard and the chaos and havoc start over again, do yourself a favour and read the first book in the series Dangerous Deeds and then this one although they can be read as stand alones I highly recommend them both.

Yes Lizzie still has a way of getting herself into trouble and this time Riley insists on her having counselling for the nightmares from the last incident and when she makes an appointment it ends up being Riley’s ex-girlfriend Allison, Lizzie feels very uncomfortable with her from the start and when dreadful things happen and Allison seems to be around at the time Lizzie and her family are getting suspicious as is Police Sargent Ed who seems to come to the rescue when needed.

Riley and Lizzie are starting to argue over Allison and of course there is Policeman Ed to contend with as well not to mention Grandma Mabel’s new boyfriend George with the skin problems and with Lizzie’s family adding their two cents worth and Riley’s family so nice to Allison, this adds up to a story that is just riveting I couldn’t put it down truly I laughed but it also has the heart beating as Lizzie has quite a few near misses in life.

Oh but Riley is the best hero he does love Lizzie as Lizzie loves him and together they are a team, a team that win in life and love, I loved this story from start to finish very clever, witty, fun well written engaging and I highly recommend it, way to go MS Prentice another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 16th 2015