The Greek's Forbidden Princess by Annie West

The Greek's Forbidden Princess

The Princess Seductions #2

Annie West

The Greek's Forbidden Princess by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

MS West is an auto buy author for me her stories are magical journeys to the most gorgeous countries and of course her heroes are to die for and so very loving and her heroines strong and loving and for me I have a real soft spot for a Greek hero and well Lambis is so very vulnerable so afraid to love until Princess Amelie walks into his life again.

Princess Amelie is hurting for the loss of her brother and his wife but more so for their young son Sebastien who has taken himself off into a shell and he needs to be bought out of that shell, so Amelie takes him away from their little country of St Galla and the media to the man that she hopes will be able to help him to the man that walked away from her before and left her broken hearted to his island in Greece remote and risky for Amelie, can she keep her feelings and emotions inside while they get little Seb back to his normal self?

Lambis has purposely ignored all communication from Amelie after the funerals you see he has such strong feelings for her but is unable to love again or protect like he should, these days he works hard and keeps to himself, so when Amelie and Seb arrive on is island in the cold and snow what else can he do but offer his help and pray that the desire will stay within.

This is such a beautiful story a story of love, caring and emotions from two very vulnerable people, people that deserve love and happiness and with the sparks flying between them as they get closer by helping Seb they cannot help but fall into an affair a short affair according to them both. This journey is a moving emotional and very sensual one, I loved Lambis and Amelie and as for Seb what a fabulous little boy who will be King, yes I shed some tears but was left sighing and smiling, thank you MS West for another story that will stay with me for a long time an awesome finish to this series.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: October 17th 2017 by Harlequin Presents

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE GREEK’SFORBIDDEN PRINCESS by author Annie West is a Harlequin Presents release for November 2017.

This is Book 2 of Annie West’s mini-series ‘The Princess Seductions’.
Book 1 is ‘His Majesty’s Temporary Bride’—release date October 2017.

Princess Amelie was recovering from grief of her brother and his wife’s tragic accident. She also had to take care of her nephew, the late King’s only son and heir, Seb. Because her young nephew had internalized the grief and hadn’t spoken a word since his parents’ death. Amelie had to keep him safe from the paparazzi as well so she went off to the only person she could think of who could help them. Her nephew’s Godfather.

Lambis Evangelos had a soft spot for Amelie, but he believed himself incapable of giving love or happiness. Even though he wanted to keep his distance from Amelie, yet he had to agree to help her. But their enforced closeness awakened all the dormant desire they had for each other. And passion flared between them with scorching intensity. Could this passion survive the guilt Lambis carried with him?

THE GREEK’SFORBIDDEN PRINCESS is a heart-touching romance about second chances and past griefs. Author Annie West brought this emotionally tortured hero Lambis, whom readers would love. And a strong heroine in Amelie who takes Lambis on and makes him move past the grief and embrace the future. The scene where Amelie’s nephew finally breaks down on the beach had me reaching for tissues reading how Amelie watched Lambis comforting him. In fact I had to remove my foggy glasses to take deep breathes at many places in this sensational romance.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.