Snowed In With a Billionaire

Snowed In With a Billionaire

Karen Booth

Snowed in with a Billionaire by Karen Booth

Reviewed by Helen

I love stories that have a lot of snow in them and set in beautiful towns at Christmas time and this one is really good, strangers that meet on a very snowy night, a car that loses control brings two people together both have trust issues for different reasons but both need love and cupid has thrown her arrow at these two.

Joy McKinley is a chef and baker she has worked for some of the best in America but after an argument with her former boss from a very well to do family Joy is hiding out in luxury while trying to get enough money behind her to settle, Joy is an honest person but when she is nearly ploughed down by a car in a snow storm the fibs start as her gorgeous rescuer asks some questions and this spark between them cannot be contained.

Alexander Townsend is a billionaire and he has been burnt before by a female after his money so he is very careful around females, but he is not only gorgeous but just about the most caring hero there is and when he rescues Joy he is compelled to stay with her for the night then they get snowed in and a very sensual and enjoyable few days is enjoyed, but when the time comes for it to end Alex doesn’t want it to, but some truths from Joy turn things upside down.

I really enjoyed this story MS Booth has bought to life Alex and Joy and their sensual journey, with snow and wonderful food, the caring and love that is shown by them both is so endearing and their HEA had me smiling, thank you MS Booth for a fabulous story that I do recommend.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published December 5th 2017 by Harlequin Desire