Snowed in with the Reluctant Tycoon

Snowed in with the Reluctant Tycoon

Nina Singh

Snowed In with the Reluctant Tycoon by Nina Singh

Reviewed by Helen

This is the second book in The Men Who Make Christmas series and although I didn’t read the first one (although it is on my list now) I loved it the setting, Christmas time lots of snow and lots of feel good emotions. Of course both our hero and heroine have a few things to overcome to get to their HEA and what a well-deserved one.

Carli Tynan comes from a big family all girls and it is a loving family but Carli is the middle child and has always felt a bit left out not that she isn’t loved but when she has a boyfriend that ends up with someone else feelings are hurt but Carli has moved on and is working hard for Hammond Toys and it is Christmas time Carli’s favourite time of the year. So when Justin Hammond arrives to look at the companies figures the sparks fly between them and a few misunderstandings add to that spark.

Justin Hammond has had a hard childhood after his parents spilt he lived with his mother and his brother James with their father, and close they are not but he is back in his hometown and childhood home at Christmas time of all times, the time of the year he dislikes most for good reasons, then he meets Carli and things start to change for Justin and there is a warmth spreading throughout him and when they get stuck in a snowstorm together the heat gets hotter.

Truly this is a beautiful story Carli and Justin are both beautiful gorgeous people even if Justin is a little reluctant at first but then Carli is unsure if she wants more from Justin as well, I highly recommend this one, MS Singh has written a story that ticks all of the boxes for a true romance that is sure to warm your heart and leave you smiling, thank you for a fabulous story.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published December 1st 2017 by Mills & Boon Cherish