Brothers of the Vine #1

Jacquie Underdown

Bittersweet by Jacquie Underdown

Reviewed by Helen

This is such an emotional, moving and beautiful story, I could barely put it down once I picked it up and did have a very late night last night, yes there were tears (still are thinking about this one) but there was joy and happiness, as we get to know Amy Jenkins and Tom Matthews and the Matthew’s family in a fabulous setting on a vineyard in the Victorian countryside.

Amy Jenkins is a chef making the best pastries and deserts, she has worked with the best around the world but when her own restaurant in Melbourne goes bust with the help of a past employee Amy is left devastated add to that when her very best calls and asks for help, Amy puts her problems behind her and goes to Rachel’s side to do what she can. Amy jumps in to keep Rachel’s Cupcake shop running while her world is falling apart. This brings her close to Tom Matthews Rachel’s brother in law and the sparks fly in a very sensual way.

Tom Matthews is the youngest of the Matthew brothers they are now running the very successful vineyard started by their father years before, Tom has always felt a little left out over the years and does not work there full time even though his brothers are always trying to get him too. But when a family tragedy strikes Tom is home and willing to help and do what he can and while helping out Amy his heart is lost, Amy helps him see some truths.

With everything that is happening with Tom and Amy the emotions are flying high their pull towards each other is so strong and they decide on a temporary fling but that is never going to do it in the end these two fall head over heels in love in such a beautiful way with so much happening around them. This is the first book from MS Underdown that I have read, it won’t be the last, she has a fabulous writer’s voice that brings the characters to life and makes me feel like I am there with them on the pages, the setting was gorgeous, and the story amazing. This is a story that I highly recommend but do make sure you have tissues at the ready and I am looking forward to Sam and Mitch’s stories. I am sure you will also want lots of cupcakes while reading this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published January 20th 2018 by Escape Publishing