Shock Heir for the Crown Prince

Shock Heir for the Crown Prince

Claimed by a King #1

Kelly Hunter

Mills & Boon  by Kelly Hunter

Reviewed by Helen

WOW I savoured every word in this story, it is sensual (so very), it is moving, emotional, there is humour and the dialogue is awesome, MS Hunter has penned a story that is a must read in my opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed it from page one and fell head over heels in love with the hero Prince Casimir of Byzenmaach as he worked to win over the woman he had never forgotten Anastasia Douglas and their daughter Sophia.

Casimir has a lot on his mind at the moment, his father is dying he is about to become King and there are major issues that need to be handled with care in his country, but he also has to take a wife but the memory of a weekend spent seven years before with the beautiful Ana keeps reoccurring, his answer, to find her and put an end to his feeling for her. What he discovers will shake him to the core, a daughter who is the spitting image of his lost sister, but also that knowing he will never get over Ana.

Anastasia is working hard to be a translator she is gifted in quite a few languages and wants to work for the UN, while on a holiday she meets Cas at a bar and falls hard for him, it is a very sensual week spent together, but he leaves suddenly with no clue to where he has gone and she finds out she is pregnant. Ana gets on with her life and has a beautiful baby daughter, they are very happy together, when seven years later Cas walks back into their lives takes them back to Byzenmaach, where Ana needs to stay strong.

This truly is such a fabulous story, beautifully written it pulled me in, I loved Ana and Sophia they had me smiling as they stood up to Casimir, and to see Casimir work through his emotions with the life that he had grown up in and then to fall in love and realize he had was amazing, yes I sighed and I smiled while reading this one Ana is the best heroine for Casimir her sense of humour and comebacks are the best. MS Hunter you rock this is an awesome story and I am really looking forward to the next three to come, thank you I loved it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: February 1st 2018 by Mills & Boon Sexy