Reunited With Her Parisian Surgeon

Reunited With Her Parisian Surgeon

Annie O'Neil

Reunited With Her Parisian Surgeon (Mills & Boon Medical)

Reviewed by Helen
Australian ambulance paramedic Maggie Louis still has lots of feelings for the friend she made while in Paris as an exchange student, now that friend Raphael Boucher is a gifted surgeon and is here in Sydney still gorgeous but oh so very sad Maggie is determined to get to the bottom of his problems, but she may have to overcome a few of her own, can they work together and move onto true happiness?

When Raphael gets in touch with his old friend Maggie to ask for some help with working in Australia, she jumps at the chance as always Maggie is kind caring and had always been fun to be with way back when they were teenagers in Paris. But things have changed for Raphael a tragedy has changed his life, he has lost his best friend and the people he called family, travelling has not helped so far and he has never forgotten Maggie, and when they meet again that spark that pull is still there and slowly she helps his heart to beat normally again.

Maggie is over the moon to help the guy she had never forgotten, the one person that she had always felt drawn to, oh but he is vulnerable when he arrives in Sydney. Working together on the ambulances brings them closer together and even though it takes a bit Raphael finally opens up to Maggie on a trip to Broken Hill, Maggie’s home town, but it opens up a few problems for herself as well.

This is a beautiful story, so moving and emotional as Maggie and Raphael learn to love and come to terms with emotions and loss. Love has a way of getting people to be open and honest and with the sensual spark that really has been there since their first meeting all of those years before. I loved this story Raphael is a hero to die for and Maggie is strong, caring and beautiful. The settings are fabulous I loved visiting Paris and Sydney (my home town) and Broken Hill. MS O’Neil this one is a beauty Mate I loved it, thank you for another fabulous story, I loved the epilogue one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published January 22nd 2018 by Mills Boon Medical