Swept Away: Road Trip Baby: A Li Family Duology

Swept Away; Road Trip Baby; A Li Family Duology

Fiona Marsden

Swept Away; Road Trip Baby; by Fiona Marsden

Reviewed by Helen

Two novellas that are thoroughly good reads they both kept me turning the pages the characters are strong and honest and MS Marsden has a great voice, sit back and enjoy.

Swept Away
When married couple Sean and Sophie Li are enjoying their honeymoon on a tropical island and contemplating their future back in Australia they never dreamed that a tsunami would pull them apart, injured and not being able to find each other sets them on different paths for their futures. But when they meet again at an engagement party that spark is still there and the need to help each other has not faded. Their journey back to happiness is a good one.

I loved this story and cannot highly recommend it enough for a quick, moving and emotional story that will leave you feeling very happy with lots of smiles, it is so well written, and I look forward to many more stories from MS Marsden.

Road Trip Baby

Fran and Ethan have been having a fairly secret affair, secret because Fran is Ethan’s sister’s best friend and Ethan doesn’t think he can give Fran what she wants, and it has been going on for many years now, they have known each other a lot longer, both have good jobs but Fran always knew that Ethan did not want kids, so when she finds herself pregnant and Ethan jumps to the wrong conclusion this pulls them apart. I really like Fran and her determination to give this baby a good life and when she asks Ethan to drive her to Sydney and this sends lots of emotions flowing in a very sensual way.

This is such a great story I loved Ethan he is such a great hero perfect for Fran, there is such great dialogue throughout Fran and Ethan come to life on the pages getting to know them as friends, another quick and fabulous story way to go MS Marsden I loved them both

5/5 stars for a great read
Published December 29th 2017 by Fidelis Ink