Tempted by His Greek Tycoon by Katrina Cudmore

Reviewed by Nas Dean

TEMPTED BY THE GREEK TYCOON by author Katrina Cudmore is a January 2018 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Georgie Jones promises to look for a suitable wife for hotel tycoon Loukas Christou. And she does look for dates. But the chemistry between them fizzles high. So they kiss and find that it was unforgettable. What could they do now?

Would Loukas look at Georgie as a suitable wife for him? And if he did, would Georgie agree?  

TEMPTED BY THE GREEK TYCOON is a sweet romance about relationships and hang-ups. Author Katrina Cudmore brought this strong, brooding, alpha Greek hero whom I loved. He suppressed his own hurt feelings and grief to look after everyone else around him. And Georgie was the perfect foil for him. She made him see people and feelings. And she also made him live the relationships as opposed to just taking care of everyone else.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Tempted by her Greek Tycoon

Katrina Cudmore

Tempted by Her Greek Tycoon by Katrina Cudmore

Reviewed by Helen

I really love a story about a Greek hero and set in Greece, this one has both and well what can I say, except that this one is a beauty of a story, a gorgeous hero so very serious hard working not looking for love and the heroine fun loving carefree loves travel and not looking to settle down perfect you would think that they could work together well and not fall in love, but the author and cupid have other ideas.

Loukas Christou is working hard for the company that his parents started he has three younger siblings that he has been caring for since the loss of their parents years before who all work for the company as well, and he likes everything to run smoothly and work perfectly there is no room for error in his life, but it appears now that he needs a wife if he is to fulfil a dream of his father’s, but it will be a marriage of convenience and when a new PA is hired by his brother she steps in to help him find that wife only Loukas seems to have trouble thinking of anyone else except Georgie Jones.

Georgie Jones is good at what she does in life and that has been many positions over the years you see she loves to travel and does not stay in one place too long, she has a problem with relationships after being abandoned as a child by her mother, but when she loses her father as well and he had finally settled on the Greek Island of Talos Georgie decides to finish the guesthouse that her Dad had started and is now also working for the Christou family at their hotel. When she takes on the role of match maker for Loukas she really has a hard time not falling for him herself.

This is a story that will keep you engaged, the characters are so lovable, the dialogue fabulous and to see Georgie and Loukas fall in love is so moving, sensual and beautiful the scenery of course makes me want to be there with them and Loukas’s siblings and the guests at the hotel add so much to the story. This is a story that I highly recommend it will make any romance reader smile with such bliss, thank you MS Cudmore for an excellent story I do hope we get to see a few more of the Christou family have their HEA’s.

5/5 stars

Published January 2nd 2018 by Harlequin Presents