Game On

Game On

Woman of W.A.R. #1

Nicola Marsh

Game On by Nicola Marsh

Reviewed by Helen

This story just grabbed me from page one and I practically inhaled it, it is fast paced, steamy, witty and moving, MS Marsh has packed a lot into this one and left me one very happy reader, Jaxon and Angie come to life on the pages as we get to know them and they get to know each other, my advice is to make yourself comfortable for this one because you won’t want to put it down.

Angelica Bryant has always wanted to play Aussie Rules it has been her dream forever and now she has the chance with the Female competition starting and she has made the team, although her famous soccer Dad doesn’t seem to be too happy about her footy code she is in and stoked about it. When a one night stand (that she never does) with a stranger she meets in a bar turns, who turns out to be a top sports manager her world changes but she must put footy first.

Jaxon Flint managers some of the top sports people in the country, he is handsome and up front with people so when he meets a gorgeous woman in a bar and they seem to click instantly and he takes her home for the night, he is wanting more but when morning comes she is gone only to meet him again later that day when she walks into his office. It is a small world and fate has brought Angie and Jaxon together, but can he overcome his past hurts to allow himself to love Angie the way she deserves to be loved?

This really is such a great story the witty banter and one liners were fabulous as was Jaxon and Angie’s journey to such a sporty fabulous HEA, Angie is such a strong feisty heroine who knows how to love even with the hurt from her childhood and Jaxon I loved him what a hero but he was vulnerable and Angie was just who he needed. I love my sports and my romances and MS Marsh has combined them in a sensual, touching story that had me turning the pages woohoo I highly recommend this one, truly it is one not to be missed.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: February 20th 2018 by Escape Publishing