Miss Valentine's Love Emporium

Miss Valentine's Love Emporium

Louise Reynolds

Miss Valentine's Love Emporium by Louise  Reynolds

Reviewed by Helen

This is a really good quick, fun and sweet, gorgeous story, I fell for the hero instantly and the heroine is just the nicest person beautiful and vulnerable and the characters that live in the country town of Carters Crossing are quirky and loveable, this is a one sitting read that is sure to leave you smiling.

Divorce lawyer Ethan Taylor has arrive in Carters Crossing to take his beloved grandmother to the Valentine’s Day gala, it has been a while since he has visited, when Ethan meets the new girl in town he is wary at first you see he sees the worst in people being a divorce lawyer but it is not long before he sees the goodness and caring in Miss Lexie Valentine.

Lexie Valentine has finally found a place that she feels safe and contented, Carters Crossing has opened their arms to her and she is determined to give back to them and planning the gala has been a joy, Lexie is happy now and is sure that she will find her way to love soon but she is always on her toes. When she meets Ethan, her friend Beryl’s grandson she can feel the love and magic in the air.

I really enjoy a short story, a good one is like a sorbet in between courses of bigger books and this one had me turning the pages, is was a joy to read and left me feeling happy for Lexie and Ethan, I love small town romances I love the familiarity, understanding and friendship that comes with them and the way they all step up to help and support. I do highly recommend this story, it has left me feeling all of the happy feels a good romance should and I highly recommend this one thank you MS Reynolds for a beautiful story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published January 31st 2018 by Louise Reynolds