Her Wedding Night Surrender by Clare Connelly

Her Wedding Night Surrender by Clare   Connelly
Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed this one I loved seeing heroine Emmeline show such strength when a lot of the people around her thought she was so vulnerable, she blossomed like a beautiful flower with the man that her father chose to be her husband in the beautiful city of Rome, this is one that flows delightfully and the hero Pietro well what can I say I loved him.

Emmeline is just twenty two she lost her mother when she was young and her father did everything he could to protect her he has kept her in a bubble, she is an Heiress and does have a few issues that had been caused by her mother, but Emmeline has never felt free never felt that she could do the things she wanted and then suddenly her father suggests that she marry a good friend of his and move to Rome so as she can attend university will this be her chance to live and what will come of the glow that sparks between Pietro and herself?

Pietro thinks the world of Col Bovington he has been like a father to him and now he has come to him asking a very big favour and that is to marry his daughter to protect her but it means keeping a big secret one that could cause a lot of problems. Pietro is a businessman a playboy he has no plans to marry and although he has known Emmeline since she was a teenager marrying her is a big ask, can they make a marriage of convenience work or will the spark that flares between them ignite into something much more?

There are a lot of ups and downs in this one the sensual pull between them is way too hard to deny for long and the seduction of Emmeline by Pietro is just so very sensual and moving, Pietro is a fabulous hero caring honest and feeling very guilty about the secret and Emmeline what a strong woman she is after the way her mother and father had treated her she truly thrived on the love that Pietro showered on her. This one is moving and wonderful, I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a good romance with all of the happy feels, thank you MS Connelly.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: March 20th 2018 by Harlequin Presents