One Night With the Army Doc

One Night With the Army Doc

Traci Douglass

One Night With The Army Doc by Traci Douglass

Reviewed by Helen

This is a debut medical for MS Douglass and what a fabulous debut, this one hit the spot from page one, firstly for me the location I love stories set in Alaska, then the hero and heroine what beautiful people both strong and courageous and both with hurdles to cross before they can find that special bliss in true love, this one definitely left me in a happy place.

Dr Molly Flynn is a very special diagnostician with her own TV show, she travels a lot doing her best with her genius mind to save people, she has big issues with her surgeon father and doing the show is her way of proving to him and herself that she is good enough. When she arrives in Alaska to treat a very ill patient she crosses horns with his Doctor and best friend Dr Jake Ryder ex- army who has firm opinions on how his patient should be treated, but oh boy is there a pull that ignites Molly like no one has before.

Jake Ryder is running the trauma department at Mercy Hospital Anchorage and does it well, he keeps to himself and does not like any sort of publicity he had enough of that when he was honourably discharged from the army and received an award and then his fiancé walked out on him, so when Dr Molly Flynn and her TV show arrive to help his best friend who is gravely ill the sparks fly but in more ways than one.

I fell in love with Jake what a hero and Molly she is just beautiful inside and out and the way she has been treated because of her quirky ways by her father especially, but Jake could see through this instantly and he was there for her, it doesn’t take long before the tension and worry about the patient turns into flirtation and then a night together has them falling head over heels for each other, and when the penny drops and they realize how well they fit together and that love will shine through this couple begin a very HEA, sigh worthy story, one that I highly recommend woohoo MS Douglass awesome story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: August 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romance