One Night with Dr Nilolaides

One Night with Dr Nikolaides

Hot Greek Docs #1

Annie O'Neil

One Night with Dr. Nikolaides by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Helen

I do love a story with a Greek Hero and set it in Greece and this is a story that I must read and what a story it is MS O’Neil has made me smile with this one, two childhood friends that were very drawn to each other during their teenage years growing up together on the island of Mythelios but from different sides of the track now years later they are back together because of an earthquake, and there might be more than the ground shaking when they meet again.

Cailey Tomaras grew up in a loving family from a hard working background her mother was a housemaid to the wealthy Dimitri Nikolaides and Cailey helped her mother out and was best friends with the daughter of the family but even closer to their son Theo, Cailey had dreams to become a doctor but instead moved away and became a nurse, now years later she rushes home to help and ends up spending a very sensual night with the guy she never forgot.

Theo grew up privileged but not with a loving family yes he was close to his sister but never his wealthy father who was always pushing Theo to be more he became a doctor and did a lot of talking to get his father to open up a clinic on the island. When his childhood friend arrives back on the island to help he finds it very hard to resist the even more beautiful Cailey and after their night of passion there are consequences that leave Theo even more convinced he will never make a good father.

This really is a fabulous story, a story that sees secrets revealed, and Theo see more in himself with the help of Cailey, the love that they share is beautiful even if it takes them a while to see it themselves and as for the ending oh what a gorgeous and fun HEA, I loved Theo and Cailey and this is a story that I highly recommend and it is the first in a series thank you MS O’Neil for leaving this reader very happy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romances