The Secret Son's Homecoming

The Secret Son's Homecoming

The Cedar River Cowboys #7

Helen Lacey

The Secret Son's Homecoming by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Helen

I am really enjoying this series I love the setting and the men that are making me smile, this time we are going to see illegitimate O’Sullivan son Jonah meet his match and boy does she stand him on his head at times, this is a story that kept me turning the pages as local girl Connie brings Mr arrogant and stubborn to his knees.

Jonah has only recently met the family that he knew about for the first time and it is not easy for Jonah, you see he has always felt like the outsider, the mistake, the secret and getting to know his half- brothers is tough for him you see he is a tad arrogant at times and the more the family and his father pushes, the further he pulls back, but Connie his brother’s PA seems to have some kind of string that pulls him in like never before he never gets close to anyone, but he needs to get to know her.

Connie works hard at the O’Sullivan Hotel and is very close to the family and she knows all of their secrets, but she has a past that she wants to keep there, she has been badly hurt however when she meets the secret son Jonah she is startled and nervous about the feelings she has for him, but he makes her feel safe as well, is it time to start to really move on and find love?

This is a very moving and emotional story, a story of two people hurt in the past in different ways but find a bond that pulls them together, but not without some hurdles to cross you see Connie has learnt to forgive so as she can move on but Jonah is stubborn to the core and is determined to not give in anyway, that is of course until feisty Connie makes him see what holding back on his feelings could make him loose. I truly loved this story, this one left me smiling and sighing thank you MS Lacey for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 19th 2018 by Harlequin Special Edition