Burning for the Italian

Burning for The Italian

Hot Italian Nights #8

Annie West

Burning For The Italian by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

This is another sizzling sensual story that will have you turning the pages as they heat up on a match made in heaven for two people who are made for each other, Australian fashion designer Sonia Rossi and gorgeous handsome Italian Lorenzo (Renzo) Veracini sends sparks of lightening to each other on their first very sensual meeting.

Sonia has taken up a position in the House of Conti this is what she has always dreamed of and is determined to do well so getting caught up in a relationship is not in the plans after her last relationship that left her feeling dejected, but what can a girl do when she meets the flatmate she didn’t know was going to be there in all of his glorious nakedness and he does make her feel so very good.

Renzo is staying at his cousins apartment and is stunned when he discovers that his cousin has allowed a friend of hers to stay there for a while and he discovers what a beautiful feisty and in need of some good loving woman, has walked into his life and he woos her so lovingly and with such care that soon he is hard pressed to not want to spend all of his waking hours with the beautiful Sonia.

Really how long does it take to fall in love? When the heat and magnetic pull between two very beautiful people is so strong and Renzo is so good at treating Sonia the way she deserves to be after her last relationship, of course true love must have its ups and downs but happiness prevails, this is a quick steamy and sensual read that left me sighing and smiling what a fabulous story I loved it, thank you MS West for another awesome story one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published August 1st 2018