Deadly Games

Deadly Games

Dallas after Dark #2

Karen Rock

Deadly Games by Karen Rock

Reviewed By Helen

This is a story that grabbed me from page one, it is fast paced, action packed and I loved it, I met Nash in the first book in this series and loved getting to know him better in his book and bring on special FBI agent Katherine Bowden, who is married to her job, she has just been through a divorce and is after a serial killer, so let the fun begin as Nash and Katherine come together through danger and a sensual ride to a beautiful future.

Katherine never goes out and parties but her friend Megan has finally convinced her that it is time, time to put the past behind her and break out and have fun, and a night at the strip club Dallas Heat is the place to start and when she meets stripper Nash Hawkins well the sparks fly and maybe a one night stand is the remedy that will help her as she tries to find a killer and work through what happened years before.

Nash grew up on a reservation he comes from a big family but his father left years ago and he works as a dancer/stripper at Dallas Heat (a very sexy one) and also works as a PI but has always wanted to get into the police force, but when he connects with a Katherine at the dance club he feels it through to his heart like never before, could this be the start of something special for them both?

This story is fabulous, as Nash and Katherine get to know each other and help each other with the case that Katherine has been tasked with, to find the deadly serial killer who is picking young beautiful blonds of the street outside nightclubs, there is a lot of similarities from her past, they work so well together not only on the job but with their personal life the bond and sensual pull is sizzling. MS Rock knows how to join suspense and a romance that will shake the pages as you turn them, this one had me cheering the good guys on and just loving Nash and Katherine woohoo this is a story that I highly recommend. I am loving this series.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 17th 2018 by Lyrical Liaison