The Million Pound Marriage Deal by Michelle Douglas

The Million Pound Marriage Deal

Michelle Douglas

The Million Pound Marriage Deal by Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Helen

MS Douglas never ever fails to disappoint me with one of her stories, she writes the most romantic romances, with characters who are so easy to make friends with, heroes and heroines that you want to cheer on or yell at sometimes, but above all else her stories are ones that you don’t want to miss and you need to read this one to meet Sophie and Will and journey with them to the most gorgeous HEA.

Will Trent-Paterson has been given an ultimatum by his grandfather, get married or else lose the title and castle in Scotland the place that is home to his vulnerable sister Carol Ann, marriage is one thing that Will has never wanted, after the disastrous marriage his parents had, this leaves him in a bad mood when he meets his late friend’s sister Sophie for their normal catch up lunch, she has a way a knowing how Will feels and when she jokingly suggests that she will marry him for a million pounds this get Will’s minding thinking.

Sophie comes from a broken family and when she lost her brother Peter she threw herself into the party life, but the need to care for a close friend has made her make some changes in her life, turn over a new leaf, but she needs money to do that and although joking when she makes her suggestion to Will, maybe a marriage on paper will not be such a bad idea for them both, but she is adamant that no emotions will come into this marriage because Will, will always be her friend and love and sex will change that and that scares her.

You just know that when two very good friends agree to a paper marriage and they both say they are going into it with their eyes open that there are going to be bumps along the way and MS Douglas has given them some hurdles to cross that will leave the reader smiling, as the beautifully strong Sophie tries so hard to keep her emotions in check and Will the never marry playboy feels his heart breaking down to love, that this story is going to end in pure bliss, what a story I loved it from page one, with characters that add so much to the story this is a must read that I highly recommend, truly sigh worthy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: September 4th 2018 by Harlequin LP Romance


Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE MILLION-POUND MARRIAGE DEAL by author Michelle Douglas is a September 2018 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Will Trent-Paterson offers a million pound to Sophie Mitchell for a contract marriage. Sophie is in need of money so she doesn’t say no.

And Will doesn’t want to be disinherited from his grandfather’s property. He is a billionaire in his own right and doesn’t really need the money. But he wants to keep the only home his sister is happy in. And his grandfather wants him married to inherit his property otherwise it will be given to someone else.

But will he be able to ignore the attraction he feels for Sophie? Because he had always been attracted to her. While Sophie feels the hot chemistry when they are near.

Will they be able to maintain this facade and keep to the contract-marriage deal they made?

THE MILLION-POUND MARRIAGE DEAL is a fun story to read. It’s sweet and will tug at your emotions. But it has its hilarious moments with the witty dialogue. Author Michelle Douglas once again doesn’t disappoint. This romance is a wonderfully written story of family dynamics and relationships and where love ultimately wins.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.