Tempted by Mr Off-Limits

Tempted by Mr Off-Limits

Nurses in The City

Amy Andrews

Tempted by Mr. Off-Limits by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

MS Andrews always writes a book that is sure to leave me a very happy reader and this one is no exception, I have just had a lovely steamy, sizzling and moving journey to a gorgeous HEA with two very opposite people (or maybe they are not) one city one country, but both so very much attracted to each other that staying just friends is not going to happen.

Lola Fraser is an ICU nurse in a big city hospital she works hard and loves her job and is fun-loving single gypsy, she longs to travel like her great aunt. She grew up in the sticks and getting out of Doongabi was the best thing she had done, but when she offers to share her apartment with her best friend’s brother Hamish Gibson the world as Lola knows it is turning, sex for fun and de-stressing is changing the way she feels.

Hamish is a real country boy and when he comes to the city to take a course to further him in his paramedic career staying with Lola for a few months should be easy and fun even if they had shared a very steamy night together a few months before that was only to help her sleep that night. But when there is a tragedy in the city and both Hamish and Lola are emotionally affected this brings them back together and Hamish is losing his heart to the girl who is always going to be single.

This really is a beautiful story with heart wrenching cases on the road for Hamish and in the ICU for Lola and together they lean on each other but Lola is still determined to be single and travel the world and she is stunned that Hamish falls in love with her, this doesn’t sit well with her and then when a closer loss for Lola makes her see that there is room in her caravan for two the world is a happier place for her and Hamish. I loved this one from start to finish, fabulous moving story with sizzle to boot and yes it left me smiling, lovely location and Christmas and New Year, this is one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: October 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romances