Locked Down With the Army Doc

Locked Down With the Army Doc

Scarlet Wilson

Locked Down With The Army Doc by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fast paced story set in Hawaii, two doctors arrive for a conference and meet in the bar neither are ready to fall in love but when a hurricane arrives to turn their lives upside down, falling in love has a way of just happening for the right people and these two are so good together witty banter will keep you smiling.

Dr Amber Berkley works with the infectious diseases department and has arrived at the conference to give her presentation on meningitis, she has no plans to start a relationship, she has been there and walked out and she is never going to be pushed around by any male, but meeting the Scotsman at the bar sends sparks through her and an unexpected night spent together and a hurricane arriving the next morning could change her no doctor dating rule.

Dr Jack Campbell has been in the army and is in Hawaii to speak about a new product that could save lives, he has a lot to decide on as in a new job and he is still getting over losing the woman he loved, but when he meets the pretty and lively woman at the bar, he is shocked at the feelings he has and then disaster strikes with the hurricane he steps up to do what he can to help and together they work well.

This is a great story both Jack and Amber have been through a lot and Jack’s take charge attitude is not what Amber needs and with him wanting to protect her, Amber is fighting her feelings all of the way, but true love has a way of seeing happiness shine through, this is a story that I highly recommend, it is moving and beautiful as Amber breaks her rule of no doctor dating and Jack and Amber join together, thank you MS Wilson for a wonderful story.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published June 28th 2018 by Mills & Boon Medical