The Millionaire Mountain Climber

The Millionaire Mountain Climber

Laura Boon

The Millionaire Mountain Climber by Laura Boon

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fabulous debut for MS Boon, sensual and action packed in such a beautiful setting the French Alps, the characters are strong and are sure to win your heart and friendship, there is witty banter and a sexual tension that will keep you turning the pages as you get to know two Aussies living away from home, Hailey Gordon and Matt Hanley, make yourself comfortable for a journey to happiness that is sure to leave you beaming.

Hailey has been cheated on by her boyfriend and often feels abandoned by the people she loves, she works hard as a PR consultant and when she loses her boyfriend and job on the same day, she takes off to the Hunter Valley to spend some time with her sister, this leads to a holiday job offer in the French Alps and Hailey is not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and takes off on an adventure that will turn her world upside down when she meets her ruggedly handsome boss Matt and the sparks fly.

Matt worked for many years in the banking sector making his money but it was never what he really wanted, he loves mountain climbing and skiing and is now part owner in a boutique hotel in the Alps, he loves his women and is a strong alpha, so when he goes to the airport to pick Hailey up the over confident hero comes through and he is determined to get on the good side of the gorgeous Hailey however he can, he wants a holiday fling.

Hailey and Matt clash in many ways the witty comebacks between them will have you smiling, Matt can be a bit arrogant and Hailey will not stand for it but fighting her feelings for him is a losing battle and when Hailey is in danger both realize that the feelings they have for each other is true love and not to be denied and never just a holiday fling. This is a story that I highly recommend, I really loved the setting and Matt and Hailey and the other characters in the story, Pierre, Genie and Caro all added so much to the story and I do look forward to many more stories from MS Boon, thank you for a great story. 

4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: October 24th 2018 by The Wild Rose Press