A Cowboy's Pride

A Cowboy's Pride

Rocky Mountain Cowboys #4

Karen Rock

A Cowboy's Pride by Karen Rock

Reviewed by Helen

I bow down to you MS Rock you have pulled at my heart-strings you have made me tear up and made me smile in this fabulous addition to this series, and what a well suited tile, this describes Cole Loveland so well, and what he goes through to get the love of his life, his soul mate, the other half of him Katlynn Brennon back in his life.

Cole Loveland is the eldest Loveland, stubborn to a fault, honest, loyal and will do anything for his family and the people he loves a true Loveland but what he has gone through after he lost his mother has left him pretty much a hermit, he and his family are still in a feud that is over a hundred years old with neighbours The Cades and things are going to get a bit stressful for Cole as the woman he loves has arrived back in Carbondale to do a story on the feud, it has been twelve years since she left and his heart still belongs to Katlynn, but he is still very stubborn.

Katlynn Brennon comes from a large family and always felt unnoticed, invisible to her family, but her first love Cole Loveland meant so much to her, they were childhood sweethearts, and she was there for him and his family through the worst times, but when planning their marriage they could not agree, both wanted very different things, Cole is so stubborn and she ran, now she is a hosts a major TV show researching scandalous history and is asked to research the old Cade Loveland feud. This is going to be hard for Katlynn going back to her home town and getting close to Cole again the man that will always be her love.

This is a beautiful story, a story filled with emotion and heart-ache but so much joy as well, when some stubborn people learn to compromise and above all else trust in their feelings and their hearts then joy will bloom. I loved Cole what a hero and Katlynn she is so strong and understanding she is a rock a true heroine to match the hero. There was so much uncovered in this story about the feud and the lives of past Lovelands and Cades, I could barely put the book down, this is one that I highly recommend thank you MS Rock for another keeper, can’t wait till the next one 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 1st 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming