Back in Dr Xenakis's Arms

Back in Dr Xenakis's Arms

Hot Greek Docs #3

Amalie Berlin

Back in Dr. Xenakis' Arms by Amalie Berlin

Reviewed by Helen

This is the third book in this series and I am loving it, and MS Berlin’s addition is a heart-wrenching, emotional story that brings Erianthe Nikolades now an Obstetrician back to her home of Mythelios after an earthquake and an absence of ten years, but it also brings her back in contact with Dr Ares Xenakis the one person who hopefully will help her heal.

Erianthe has come home but the memories and emotions that accompany her are tearing at her heart and she knows she is going to meet up with Ares after all of these years, she has never forgotten him when she was sent to a convent ten years before and the lonely and heart breaking years they were, but it is now time to heal and open up about secrets that have been kept and he is still the one that she loves.

Ares has returned home as well to help after the earthquake, but the hardest thing for him will be seeing Erianthe, she has become a strong woman a good doctor but he feels her pain, he is not sure that he can be there for her for always but the bond between them has never gone, but they must open up first and let the pain out.

So much has happened to them both in the last ten years feelings kept tucked away and their journey to a HEA is filled with lots of re-hashing of the past and coming to terms with the heart-break of loss, and finally letting the pain out so as they can heal together, oh I cried in this story but wow did I smile when they finally made it to a beautiful HEA, a fabulous story, thank you MS Berlin for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2018 by Harlequin