Her Forgotten Lover's Heir

Her Forgotten Lover's Heir

Annie West

Her Forgotten Lover's Heir by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

Annie West writes stories that pull readers in, her characters are real and come to life on the pages, they are set in the most fabulous places and this new book from her is just awesome, meet Aussie heroine Molly Armstrong who wakes up in a hospital in Rome not knowing who she is, scary, but then in walks this very handsome Italian Pietro Agosti claiming to be her husband now even though she doesn’t know him she feels a little pull, can he help her remember?

Not remembering who you are or where you are from is a very daunting for Molly especially seeing as how she is pregnant and Pietro is very understanding with her when he takes her back to the luxurious penthouse apartment in Rome, this doesn’t feel home to Molly and when she discovers that they apparently don’t share a room her mind is working overtime to get her memory back, but it is not long before she is in her husband’s arms and bed and it does feel right.

Pietro has a lot to do to make up for what happened between him and Molly and he must do what he can to prove how much he cares for the baby and her, but controlling his need for the feisty Molly is hard, and also keeping secrets from her and wondering when and what will happen when she gets her memory back but that sensual connection between them is still the same and he is falling more and more for her each day and a visit back to Tuscany where they first met, is that the key to remembering?

I absolutely loved this story, one of MS West’s best to date the emotions that flow through the story are wonderful, I felt so close to both Molly and Pietro they were so meant to be together they clicked and through past hurts Pietro acted without thinking, and he is given a second chance to convince Molly of his love and how that happens was gorgeous, there were happy tears. If you haven’t read an Annie West book you are missing out, start with this one and you are going to want to read them all. Thankyou MS West for a fabulous story that is on the keeper shelf and one I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: November 2018 by Harlequin