A Brahminy Sunrise

A Brahminy Sunrise

Maggie Christensen

A Brahminy Sunrise by Maggie Christensen

Reviewed by Helen

This is a really good, feel good story, a story of love and getting back to normal after a one relationship ends and there is a tragedy that makes you stop and think, in this story we meet middle aged University lecturer Alex Carter and stockbroker Jack Russo, and join them on their journey to a HEA in such a fabulous setting.

Alex is happy in her life she has a good job, a partner she loves and a happy dog Tess, but when said partner leaves her for his ex, Alex decides that moving away from Brisbane and to the Sunshine Coast is what she needs, she buys a beach side cottage she is going to renovate, and this starts her on a new leg of her journey, although not without a few hurdles as she meets lovely handsome Jack of all trades Jack Russo.

Jack works in a high powered job and when his mate takes his own life, Jack sits up and takes notice he resigns and moves to the Sunshine Coast with his new friend, his dog Steed and starts working for himself as a handyman, he meets the beautiful Alex when he renovates her kitchen and there is a pull that cannot be denied, but no one is rushing in, it takes a while and an incident before they finally get there.

This is a lovely story quick easy to read and very sweet and one that I highly recommend MS Christensen writes fabulous stories about more mature heroes and heroines’ ones that are very easy to fall into and will have the reader turning the pages, it has all of the feels for a beautiful romance and some fabulous characters that do add to the story and one that I am sure all romance readers will thoroughly enjoy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: January 15th 2019 by Cala Publishing