Spaniard's Baby of Revenge

Spaniard's Baby of Revenge

Clare Connelly

Spaniard's Baby of Revenge by Clare Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

MS Connelly has written a story filled with strong emotions, a story of revenge and love, a family feud that started many years ago and now maybe, just maybe if love can prevail then Antonio Herrera and Amalie DiSalvo can move forward and join these families with their love.

Amalie is living in a small English village she is a teacher and loving her life, it is far removed from the life she grew up in she got away from the limelight the wealth the power but is she about to be pulled back into all of this when a stranger arrives on her doorstep, a stranger that she cannot stop being pulled to the spark is electrical and after finding out his name Antonio, a night of passion is thoroughly enjoyed. But what he asks of her afterwards caused her to throw him out, but there will be consequences of this night.

Antonio has been after revenge for many years and finally he has found out where Amalie is living and cannot believe that an heiress is living in a little country cottage, but he needs her to sign over the shares to the company Prim’Aqua so he can finally destroy her family, but he cannot believe the attraction he feels on meeting her and when she spends a passionate night with him and throws him out, he cannot forget her.

I loved this story Amelia and Antonio are both shocked that they are going to be parents, but Antonio still wants revenge and Amelia does everything she can to help him see that revenge is not what he wants, she shows him that love is best and when he realizes that he made me smile. This is a story that I highly recommend strong fabulous hero and heroine that are bought to life on the pages, thank you MS Connelly for another keeper

5 stars

Published March 1st 2019 by Harlequin