Pentecost Island #1

Annie Seaton

Pippa by Annie Seaton

Reviewed by Helen

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I read it in one sitting today, it is a beautifully told story, set on Pentecost Island in The Whitsundays, we get to know Pippa and Rafe two people who have been hurt in the past and both deserve happiness, I hope that you will pick this one up and enjoy it as much as I did.

Pippa Carmichael has just lost her job and dumped her boyfriend when she receives a letter that could be the making of her, she has inherited an island, an island she spent her teenage years on with her Aunt Vi, now she is going to make her dreams come true with the help of her best friends Nell and Tam off they go to Pentecost Island only to discover that she shares the island with a recluse, someone who may not agree with the plans Pippa has for the island.

Rafe Rendell has been living on Pentecost Island for two years now after moving from England and loving his solidarity, he is far from impressed when a boat turns up with three woman onboard, when he meets the new owner Pippa he is even more unimpressed by her plans for the island, and getting to know her is not easy considering how well he got on with her Aunt when he purchased his half of the island.

Maybe Aunt Vi knew something when she sold half of the island to Rafe, she always wanted Pippa to return to the island she knew this was the place that made her feel strong and good about herself, and Rafe he needed to put the past behind him and look to the future and his career. Their first meetings are feisty and it takes a tree and a long chat to get them to open up, but the future looks great for them both and I am looking forward to the next book in the series to see where they are heading. This really is a great story, a story about friends, true friends who are there for each other and a romance thrown in, thank you MS Seaton, this is one I highly recommend.

5 stars

Published January 25th 2020