One Month To Become A Mum by Louisa George

 Review by Maria

This is the debut novel from Louisa George, a medical romance from HM&B.

In this story, we meet two interesting characters. First, there's Dr. Jessica Price. A brisk, no-nonsense doctor, full of compassion and zeal to bring healing to a hurting world, particularly to children. Except that she doesn't bang on about it. She gets on with it, so no-one knows the heartache, the healing needed within that no-nonsense exterior. Her dry sense of humour makes her appear to have everything all worked out. She moves around, does temporary jobs here and there and travels abroad a lot. In short, she doesn't put down roots. Just why would this be?

Dr. Luke McKenzie was a love 'em and leave 'em merchant who came down to earth with a bang one fine day when (one of)his ex-lovers (well, they'd had a weekend fling nine months before!) arrived on his doorstep, ready to give birth. The result was Lukes's adored daughter, Lucy. Being a 'decent bloke', Luke married Chloe, but lived to regret it. A free spirit, Chloe felt stifled within the bonds of domesticity and ran away to freedom, leaving Luke holding the baby. Luke loved his little girl, who was an asthma patient. He tied to be a good daddy and made sure she had her share of pink bedrooms and Barbie dolls. He had a collection of parenting books to rival the local library. But when Dr. Jessie Price arrives to fill a temporary vacancy in his practise, he sees her easy way with little Lucy and realises that something is missing.

This is a gentle love story. It couldn't be anything else with a child at the centre. Fireworks in the bedroom are all very fine and well in their context, but the kids come first. Can Luke and Jessie get it together? Can Jessie share her sad secret with Luke - the loss of her unborn child, her inability to conceive again and her sad divorce? Can Luke risk getting involved again? If it doesn't work out, he wouldn't be the only one to suffer now. Little Lucy would too.

How this couple work things out makes a very readable story, one which I enjoyed a lot. As a mother, I found Luke's backstory a little incredible. How could a mother just walk out on her child? I found Jessie's backstory awful as well. How could a husband behave so badly with his wife when she'd been through so much? He sounds like a complete lowlife. But leaving that aside, the story was satisfying and the ending particularly so.

I look forward to reading more of Louisa George's work.

Review by Desere:

This was such a delightful and emotional story. At first when I read about Jessie being in a car accident and sustaining very bad injuries to her abdomen and in the process also loosing her precious baby I was so touched and so very sad. And already I started to cry for her sake as not only did she loose her child she also lost her marriage.

But when she met the very handsome Luke I could tell what was coming and I loved every single word of it. The author placed a lot of true emotion into her book and clearly gave over the message to the reader of everything can and will be overcome with love in your life no matter how impossible it may seem.

Jess and Luke fall for each other and they fall hard,but to Luke she is another woman who he fears if he gives her his heart she will trample it to pieces and leave after all it is what happened that last time he dared to bare his soul. And for Jess she is not so sure opening her heart and starting a new life can be done,she is a scarred woman ,she will never be able to have a child of her own,and she does not have the guts to be thrown away like some kind of useless woman again!

Louisa George really made a deep impact on me with the lovely message and the powerful characters she carried across. Luke and Jess's lives get entangled by the author is such a manner that it seemed to me that I was watching and not reading a real life romance movie. It had emotion,romance and passion and best of all a stunning surprize. And I got completely and well and truly wrapped up in the strong feelings of the characters.

I adore the medical romance series and One month to become a Mum really is one for the keepers shelf. You will feel every single word the author has written and remember them for many more years to come, a truly wonderful read.

5/5 review

Review by Nas:

ONE MONTH TO BECOME A MUM by debut author Louisa George is a March 2012 release by Mills & Boon Medical series.

After a car accident Jessie Price has a badly scarred abdomen. The accident did not just scar her but took her unborn baby as well as her ability to have more babies. Then it also resulted in the demise of her marriage. She put all her maternal yearnings aside and went to work, bringing medical help to the poor people of the world.

After a stint in Vietnam she came back to Auckland to help out at her brother’s practice while he is out before moving on. There she meets her brother’s partner, gorgeous single dad Dr Luke McKenzie, who though grumpy turns out to be a kind man. When Luke and Jessie meet sparks flew, but he was once left holding a small baby by a woman who wanted to find herself. Can he trust another woman who has wanderlust in her veins? After all she’s only filling in as a temporary locum and would be moving on.

And can Jessie open her heart to love and bare her soul and badly scarred body yet again to be rejected?

ONE MONTH TO BECOME A MUM is a romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension amid the medical drama, adding to the page turning quality of the book. Louisa George’s debut release is rich with emotion and humor, and all of the characters are exquisitely rendered. Her characters are amazing in their complexities, their interaction and their growing love for each other.
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