A Strangers Kiss by Liz Fielding

A Stranger's Kiss

Reviewed by Desere

Liz Fielding is one of those authors that knows how to use her talented writing expertise to tantalise and entrance any reader.

In A Strangers Kiss she introduced me to two really wonderful characters, first there is Tara who's attempt at getting away from a "stranger" lands her in the lap of sexy as sin Adam.

Then there is the delicious oh so yummy Adam who reckons as business man he can and will control Tara by forcing her to be his temporary secretary. Only as the story progresses secrets of Adam's previous secretary threaten to tear the new found feelings between Tara and Adam to shreds.

Then there is the fabulous take of the authors account as to just why Tara has decided to remain faithful to her wedding vows, yes ladies I said wedding vows SHE'S MARRIED!

Or well she use to be, her husband has long gone passed yet she still dresses not to noticed and prefers to stay behind the emotional walls she has erected, walls that only Adam can tear down if he can get past her constant blocking of feelings.

The author had me on the edge of my seat and rooting for this couple all the way, I loved how the author incorporated little secrets and "previous life" trials and tribulations to really spice up the book.

The author also had me wanting to smack Adam so hard he would forget his own name as almost right throughout the book he is truly awful to poor Tara , a overbearing idiot at best! He at one stage even accuses her of being responsible for one of his co -workers attempts to rape her. I hear you ......PIG!

But the author does a really brilliant job of bringing him around to finally understand what Tara has and is going through. There was very lovely chemistry between the couple .

I will also say that as angry as Adam's snide comments made me ,I will admit it made for some very interesting dialogue and had the effect I am sure the author was aiming for ...to riddle up the reader to the point of frustration, before she brings the story to completion ! Well done Liz!

4 / 5 star review

Reviewed by Maria

A vintage romance by Liz Fielding, recently released in digital format.

This is a sweet romance - no sex scenes - however, it sizzles - literally!

Tara meets Adam when she is being pursued by an admirer who could definitely be described as a stalker.  She presents Adam as her date for the evening and Adam willingly obliges, kissing her in such a way that she has to return his kiss.  Next day, when Tara finds out that Adam is the boss of the executive with whom she has a business meeting, the deal is sealed.  Tara is now the private secretary to the worst boss ever.  Can things really get any worse?  Trust me.  They do.

Adam is a tough boss, demanding and at times unbearable.  Tara matches him verbal blow for verbal blow.  Their sparring is very realistic.  I had trouble keeping my cool at some of the situations Adam provokes with his MCP attitude and this, for me, shows just how engaged I was in the story.  Game, set and match to Liz Fielding.  How she could get an MCP like Adam to turn into a desirable lover is a well nigh incredible feat in my humble opinion.

A fascinating little romance which deserves to be read, or reread if you've read it before.  Tara is one cool headed lady and I truly admired her style.  A classic from Liz Fielding.  Go get it!

4/5 stars.