Secrets of a Shy Socialite by Wendy S. Marcus


Reviewed by Desere :

Wendy S.Marcus does it again!

In the follow up story to Wendy S.Marcus's fantastic new duo we get to learn the truth behind Jaci's twin sister Jena.

This book had me in tears within minutes of starting to read it.  Poor Jena, has not had a easy life and now she is the single parent to two adorable twin girls but the father is the one and only man who has ever been capable of setting her soul and body on fire, yet he does not and would never want her.

Or so she believes until we get to know more about the character of Justin and truth behind the woman he thought was off limits. Justin was one of the most stunning characters I have read about in a long time. He is made up of the stuff every woman wants in her hero, strong,  independent, fights for what he wants and has that oh me oh my you make me sigh, effect on every woman he encounters.

The author did a truly amazing job at giving me as reader, an insight into the truly horrific emotional and physical trauma Jena has to face while she comes to terms with the fact that she might not be around to see her daughters grow up.

The author had me entranced and totally stunned at just how amazing the character of Jason was, standing by Jena no matter how hard she fights to push him away, he came back each time fighting and more determined to win over the woman of his dreams, all the while she is dealing with her own demons of the trails and tribulations of breast cancer.

The level of depth and emotion incorporated by the author right throughout the book brought me to more than just tears, it gave me a new found admiration for woman like Jena, and reminded me that facing it alone is never the answer.

It also gave me a clear insight into the aftermath of surgery for breast cancer patients, the psychological trauma they need to overcome, the adjustment to a new body. Wendy S.Marcus did an absolutely stunning job at describing the point of views from both Justin and Jena, and the courage it takes to stand up and fight back.

The dialogue was heartfelt and truly made to tear up the heart strings of even the strongest of readers. Again Marcus did her research and did a unique job at delivering the nitty gritty of breast cancer to me as reader, she is not afraid to expose the details that most authors tend to let drop to the background and instead they focus only on the relationship.

The sex scenes were focused on so much more than just burning up the sheets, the author zeroed in on the emotions both characters were going through and this just added to the perfectness of the point of view of both Jena and Justin and the closeness they have shared over the years.

The book will give you a new found look on life and fighting for the one you love no matter their appearance.

Marcus proved without a doubt she is brilliant at reaching the hearts of her readers through emotionally packed books with focus on romance and the medical aspects during finding true love and friendship.

A real roller coaster read, guaranteed to bring you to tears of sadness and joy!

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

SECRETS OF A SHY SOCIALITE by author Wendy S. Marcus is a Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical romance release for January 2012.  

Jena Piermont came back with twin babies, after a brief time away. Yet she wouldn’t say who the babies’ dad was.

After much soul searching she told the twin’s father that he had fathered her adorable daughters. He was shocked, but why? What had he expected?

Then he decided to do the right thing. But when Jaci decides to tell him her other secrets, would he still be around for her and her daughters?

SECRETS OF A SHY SOCIALITE is a heart wrenching romance. Wendy S. Marcus takes us to unexpected depths of human relationship and trust. She brings this powerful story of genetic breast cancer, elective mastectomy and successive recovery from the surgery with realistic imaginary. I cried with Jena and laughed with her. I went off on an emotional roller coaster with her, and when she wrote letters to her daughters expecting to die, I couldn’t help sobbing. This was the most powerfully emotional story I read in a long time. Fast paced and filled with passion and sensuality as well.

All lovers of medical romance will definitely love this book. Highly recommended.  

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Reviewed by TashNz

I loved, loved, loved Secrets of A Shy Socialite by Wendy S. Marcus.  I will be adding it to my re-read pile.

The term "Emotional Rollercoaster" has never been truer than in Secrets of A Shy Socialite. I was shocked, I was laughing, I was crying and sometimes all at the same time!  This can be a stand alone book but if you do like order read it after Craving Her Soldiers Touch by Wendy S. Marcus. They are both as different as day and night but in terms of ratings, I give them both 5 stars.

Nurse Jena Piermont is one of the two Piermont twins. She's harboured a secret crush on Policeman Justin, her twin sister's best friend, since high school. They share a night together and 9 months later she gives birth to twin girls.  If only things were that simple tho. The incredible twists and turns made this story incredibly delightful 

I absolutely adored the writing style, I thought it really flowed and except for the sad sad bits I felt like I was reading an original, light-hearted, bright and fresh story. I loved how Justin was portrayed as an ordinary guy, like someone we all know, I loved how realistic he seemed and part of the laughs came from his thoughts and his point of view on things.

The major hurdle in this book as been referred to by Desere and Nas, breast cancer. The depth of knowledge on the subject was incredible.  Breast Cancer wasnt just touched on, it was set out from A-Z in terms of what Jena goes thru. My heart breaks for anyone who has had to go thru what Jena went thru, as it does for anyone who has lost a loved one to this horrible disease.

5/5 stars for sure!

P.S I really hope Dr Charmer gets his own story ;)