Craving Her Soldier's Touch by Wendy S.Marcus

Reviewed by Desere ~

Wendy Marcus is one of those authors that leaves me completely stunned,in awe and feeling breathless!

The woman can write!

In Craving her Soldier's Touch she blew me away,with vivid descriptions of the lives of two people who both have their own personal emotional demons to overcome and in the process find that they are indeed perfect for each other.

The character of Ian or "Ice" was superb, injured in Iraq and now home facing to deal with the severe damage to his leg and also the unknown challenges of suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he goes from day to day suffering, trying to come to terms with the loss of his"  family" and the responsibilities laying ahead.

Enter Jaci, the one woman that set his soul and bed sheets on fire and kept him going all the months in Iraq,  but also the one person he does not want to allow to feel sorry for him or to see him crumble.  The character of Jaci was equally interesting as she herself has had a non easy life and staying busy by giving back to the community helps her to stay busy and forget the once awful childhood she had and the repercussions it caused.

The author does a outstanding job at bringing these two together with such a force that I was left completely entranced. Seriously ladies the character of Ian alone had me trapped and I could not put the book down.

Working with patients that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder everyday gave me the advantage to understand just exactly how alone and worthless Ian was feeling, and seeing the author giving a brilliant account from the suffer's side made the book all the more interesting.

Marcus did her research on each and every aspect of what life after Iraq holds for those who serve and protect, and the author at the same time gave me a glimpse into the live of abused woman and children and the pain they go through and challenges they face, and in the end the author conveyed the message of love and kindness will conquer all, and offered up a powerful , emotionality packed, mind blowing romance.

The dialogue was at times fun and witty, and at other times sad and heart wrenching.  The sex scenes were wild, passionate and filled with loads of emotion as to what Jaci and Ian were feeling.  I cried for Ian and I truly felt for Jaci's twin sister Jena.  I loathed the character of their completely awful brother but he is also the key to Jaci and Jena finally standing up for themselves and fighting for what they believe in.

I cannot wait for the story of Jena!  Truly brilliant writing, and the Wendy S.Marcus has once again proved why she is one of the most outstanding author's of our time.

You do not want to miss out, the story of Ian and Jaci will leave you addicted to romance and the amazing writing of Wendy S.Marcus!

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

CRAVING HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH by author Wendy S. Marcus is a Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical romance release for January 2012.

Jaci Piermont was attracted to Army man Ian Eddelton and she was happy when they moved their friendship to deeper level and ended up in the bedroom. In the heat of the moment Jaci proposed to him, and he ran!

Now Ian was back. But he had secrets in his eyes. Could Jaci let him hurt her again? She had thrown herself in her social work trying to help abused women.

Both Jaci and Ian found that the attraction between them still simmered, yet could they take action?

CRAVING HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH is fast-paced and feel-good medical romance that sparkles with red-hot sensuality, mesmerizing emotion and intense passion. Wendy S. Marcus brought this story filled with intrigue, danger and thrill. Highly enjoyable and recommended for all lovers of Medical Romance.
Reviewed by TashNz

One of the best things abonut stepping outside of the box and trying new authors and genre's in 2012 meant I have discovered other fan.tas.tic stories and authors. This is the case when I read Craving Her Soldier's Touch, I knew very soon I was onto a winner of a story, (Ian had me at hello) and I was delighted to google Wendy to discover she is an established author so I can pour thru her existing books.

Craving Her Solder's Touch can be a stand alone story but after reading Jaci's story you will want to devour Jena's story in Seecrets of a Shy Socialite. Although both stories are as different as night and day, one deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because Ian is an ex soldier and domestic abuse and the other breast cancer, they are both fresh, original, full of humourous dialogue and real characters who deal with real life issues.h

Nurse Jaci is shocked to discover that when a pick up for the womans refuge she moonlights for goes wrong, the one person she asked in the past to marry her, Ian is her rescuer. He's back from the war... but why? Why do the twins need to marry before their birthday and how can Ian convince Jaci he's the guy for her?

Craving Her Soldiers Touch is full of action packed drama and bursting at the seams with passion... If you're looking for a fantastic couple of stories to curl up with while you're on your holidays - please dont go past these two stories... totally a well deserved 6 stars! 

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Reviewed by Maria

Wendy S Marcus is a special author for me.  Up until I started reading her books, I had a sort of phobia about reading books with sexual content.  I sort of felt I had to run to confession or something.  But when I started reading the work of this then new-for-me author and enjoyed the rich warmth and humanity of her writing, I realized (yes, at 48) that sexual activity is as much a part of life as any other aspect of living.  The shyness melted away and I was cured of that particular phobia.  

This is part of the Piermont Sisters duo and the second promises to be just as interesting.  Jaci Piermont could have led the life of a carefree socialite, but she wants to make a difference to society.  Her work as a public health nurse and social worker for abused women brings her into the most dangerous places in New York, but her courage will hit you right between the two eyes.  This woman is a powerhouse.  Her love affair with war hero Ian really rocks.  She gave him everything right before he went away to war and promised to wait for him.  He came back bruised and damaged.  She's still there for him.  But things have changed.  His comrades-in-arms were killed and now he has responsibilities to the wife and kids of his dead 'brothers', the only family he's ever known.  So can this pair of amazing individuals overcome their differences and get with each other?  Yes, it's the old cliche again, you'll have to read the book to find out, but I guarantee you, you will enjoy every moment.  Wendy is up to the mark as ever and will give you a read you will not forget in a hurry.  There's a special ingredient in this story - the humour.  Like when Jaci tells her sister that Ian's back and Jena responds without missing a beat 'the one we had the menage with?'  She's referring to the time when a rumour circulated that Ian had had an affair with both sisters, owing to the fact that he had a bikini shot of the twin sisters on his locker (the only photo of Jaci he had).  The rumour had gone viral much to the disgust of the girls' brother.  It's always the humour in Wendy S Marcus' work which I enjoy most.

Read this and you'll get an enthralling contemporary love story and learn a lot about domestic violence and and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Hey, don't let me put you off.  These topics are part of life too.  But they don't have to be the end of the world.  Because as Wendy S Marcus shows us, there's always hope.  That and the healing power of love.